CVD Deaths to Rise by a Third in Less Than 10 Years

MEXICO CITY, June 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

A new scientific statement - "The Heart of 25 by 25: achieving the goal of reducing global and regional premature deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke" [ ] - has warned that premature deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD), already the number one cause of death around the world with a global cost of nearly US $863bn, could rise by up to 30% in women and 34% in men in the next decade if risk factors are not "aggressively addressed" by health practitioners and policymakers worldwide.

The joint statement from the American Heart Association [ ] and World Heart Federation [ ] studied global data on premature deaths from CVD in 30-70 year olds. It found that CVD is responsible for almost 6 million premature deaths per year, but this could rise to nearly 8 million by 2025. Regionally:

- Latin America and the Caribbean - 22% increase in women and 24% increase in men
- South Asia - 43% increase in women and 56% increase in men
- Sub-Saharan Africa - 48% increase in women and 52% increase in men
- Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia - 26% increase in women and 16% increase
in men
- Middle East and North Africa - 32% increase in women and 35% increase in men.

However, the research found that global rates of premature CVD deaths could be slowed and even reversed in some regions if the WHO '25 by 25' risk factor targets for blood pressure, smoking, obesity and diabetes are achieved.

To help health leaders enact practices to meet these targets and protect their populations from premature cardiovascular deaths the study makes several recommendations, including smoke free laws, higher tobacco product taxes and stricter advertising rules, decreasing sodium levels in packaged foods, more public awareness campaigns and funding drug therapy and counselling for people who have previously had, or are at high risk of having, a heart attack or stroke.

This study is published in the AHA's journal Circulation [ ] ahead of the World Heart Federation's biannual World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health [ ] in Mexico City, 4-7 June.

Professor David Wood, President-Elect of the World Heart Federation and co-author of the study, said: "The conclusions of this study are clear: to stop people dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease we need both the political will and a firm commitment from health leaders to put in place progressive strategies right now."

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