Feihe Wins Monde Selection Gold Award for Second Consecutive Year

Fresh Milk based Formula was highly praised

BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 30, Monde Selection, an international quality selection institute with 55 years of history, held an annual award ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. Feihe, a leading Chinese dairy products company, won two gold awards for their infant formula milk powder AstroBaby and Super Feifan. This is the second time Feihe won this world renowned prize with AstroBaby also honored with the same gold award last year.

Lu Guang, Vice President of Feihe, said, "I am pleased that Feihe won the Monde Selection gold award again. It not only re-affirms the fact that our formula products are widely recognized in developed countries such as in Europe and America, but also illustrates that the quality of Chinese infant formula is comparable with the standard of developed countries. We also hope that other local Chinese dairy brands will compete globally in the future."

Jiang Shilong, the R&D Director of Feihe added, "Feihe has researched and developed infant formula milk powder products such as AstroBaby and Super Feifan, which takes fresh milk as a raw material and integrates it with the unique requirements of Chinese babies."

Speaking at the event, President of Monde Selection Patrick De Halleux said, "The jury is impressed by Feihe's products. From the testing results, we could see that the nutrient ingredients and standards of various microorganisms met the EU requirements. Feihe has a main outstanding advantage in terms of raw materials and the use of fresh milk reflects their determination to create high-quality milk powder."

It has been reported that the processing of infant formula with fresh milk has always been the basic requirement of developed countries in Europe. This is the concept of 'freshness' which Feihe has been persisting.

However in some developing countries, most producers are still using powder to produce infant formula milk powder. Industry experts say that there are differences between using milk powder and fresh milk. The use of fresh milk not only ensures the freshness of the milk powder, its unique wet technique also ensures uniform distribution of nutrients, maximizing the retention of nutrients in milk.

Recently, many Chinese dairy enterprises have made efforts to revitalize the reputation of the Chinese dairy industry, by adhering to tight quality control from the beginning of the production process.

Li Shengli, the chief scientist of the Chinese National Dairy Industry and Technology System, supports the high standard adopted by Feihe. "Feihe's bacterial colony count is less than 10,000 CFU per ml, which is lower than the European safety standard where the average total bacterial colony count is less than 100,000 CFU per ml."

Song Liang, an expert on China's dairy industry said, "China is not a big country in dairy production, but a strong one in dairy consumption. From Feihe, we can see that the Chinese dairy industry is building its own global brands to achieve the 'Healthy Chinese Dream'."


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