CLEAN Stichting NL bereid om VW consumer claims wereldwijd te regelen

CLEAN Foundation aims for a global settlement on behalf of all aggrieved consumers of the VW emission fraud.

Although progress is reportedly being made towards settlement of claims on behalf of VW diesel consumers located in the United States including, at the election of the consumer either to have the car bought back by VW or, alternatively "fixed" at VW's cost, plus the payment of "substantial compensation" to each affected car owner, CLEAN is concerned with Volkswagen's apparent disregard for, and unequal treatment of, consumers located in other parts of the world. CLEAN has contacted Volkswagen AG's management proposing a meeting to discuss resolution of worldwide claims within the upcoming weeks.

CLEAN Foundation is supported by Global Justice Network (GJN), a worldwide network of attorneys who specialize in consumer compensation claims and by Corpocon Legal B.V. (Corpocon), a Legal Mass Claims expertise firm providing assistance to claimants internationally.

CLEAN Foundation represents thousands of claimants from numerous countries in more than 14 EU countries and even from China and India, and will be expanding its scope of representation to many other countries with the support of GJN and Corpocon.

Although Volkswagen, in 2015, offered its U.S. and Canadian customers a goodwill package valued at USD $1000.00 and has confirmed that acceptance of the goodwill package will not affect a consumer's right to compensation for damages, Volkswagen has, to date, not offered any compensation to its non-American based customers. Around 580,000 affected diesel cars were sold in the U.S.A.; the balance of the affected 11 million autos were sold outside the U.S.

Pursuant to the law of the Netherlands, if a settlement agreed to by the parties through the efforts of CLEAN Foundation is approved by the Court, the settlement will apply to all affected persons unless they opt out ("WCAM" procedure). This would essentially convert an agreed settlement into a Court ordered opt-out settlement with a worldwide impact, providing Volkswagen "global peace" or final resolution of the controversy.

Information for affected consumers is posted on CLEAN Foundation's website

CLEAN Foundation


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