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Another Crimea is a unique visual project about the present-day Crimean Peninsula. A series of short-stories on Crimea's daily life and history were shot by a team comprising world-famous photo/video journalists from three top agencies: NOOR, Magnum Photos and VII. 

The Crimean Peninsula is considered as a true heaven on earth: prairies, canyons, sea, green hills and mountains, elegant palaces and exotic castles, famous cave cities and picturesque fortresses form its landscape. Nevertheless, its strategic location on the Black Sea has castigated Crimea with a troubled history.

The peninsula has been considered precious loot for centuries. Cimmerians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Huns, Tartars, Russians, Ukrainians all left their sign on it. Two events marked its contemporary history: the Crimean War in mid 19th century between Russia and an alliance formed by Ottoman Empire, United Kingdom, France and Kingdom of Sardinia, as well as the 1945 Yalta Conference where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill discussed Europe's post-war reorganization.

Since March 2014 the Republic of Crimea has been administered by the Russian Federation. 

In the light of this fact, a team of world-famous photojournalists decided to launch 'Another Crimea', a project aimed at capturing the diverse and fast-changing identity of Crimea. Each author spent ten days on site shooting, travelling and interacting with people, both supporters and opponents of the Crimea's reunion with Russia. The project portrays the diverse spectrum of Crimean society, composed by Russians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tartars and other ethnic groups. The authors documented the deep changes affecting Crimea's economy and social life, explored its rich historical heritage and portrayed the peninsula's beautiful landscapes.  

Please, find the outcome on , which comprises five unique photo stories by Francesco Zizola (NOOR), Yuri Kozyrev (NOOR), Gueorgui Pinkhassov (Magnum Photos), Olivia Arthur (Magnum Photos) and Christopher Morris (VII), and a video documentary by Pep Bonet (NOOR).


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Another Crimea

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