Terahertz Imaging System by TeraSense for Industrial Applications

SAN JOSE, California, February 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Many world markets now experience increasingly growing interest in THz technologies, where TeraSense features as one of the major 'trend setters'. Its growing network of happy customers and ready-to-help distributors are slowly but surely is shifting the target accent from research clients onto industrial market segment.

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The company is rapidly evolving and its THz product portfolio now includes High Speed Linear Camera [http://terasense.com/products/thz-camera ], designed specifically to fill needs in various industrial applications. It is the most enhanced terahertz imaging system, and is now becoming TeraSense's flagship product.

The High Speed line scanner features both, an unprecedented imaging speed of 5000 frames per second, and ease of integration into industrial process. Its ultrafast linear sensor array is built to satisfy the needs of non-destructive testing and quality control for many industrial environments employing high speed conveyors up to 15 m/sec.

If viewed as a complete THz imaging system, this ultrafast line scanner consists of two parts A) terahertz imaging linear sensor array and B) THz generator. Both parts are optimized and synchronized to each other. The THz generator (IMPATT diode) is supplied with a specially configured horn antenna designed to cover the entire imaging area across conveyor belt. Such enhanced horn with integrated PTFE lenses spreads the terahertz beam evenly over the inspection area and ensures that the whole THz emitter's power is properly delivered from the generator to the camera.

The record breaking image acquisition rate of this THz imager [http://terasense.com ] opens up doors to many industrial applications that require rapid non-destructive, non-invasive inspection/imaging of objects and defects in uniform materials or under coated surfaces. The most popular ones are listed below.

Security Screening and Letter Scanning: identifying hidden objects inside of luggage at airports and other check-points; checking envelopes and parcels at post office.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries: inspection of medical products and baby's diapers.

Wood Processing Industry: detecting concealed hollows, knots, internal defects; checking wood for moisture.

Food Industry: monitoring availability / number of nuts in packaged products; detecting extraneous bodies or inhomogeneous parts (clots).

Automotive Industry; Agriculture and Livestock Farming; Construction Materials and Building Trades; FMCG Packaging and certain others are perfect candidates for THz technology application!

Image acquisition rate: 5000 fps (5 KHz) 
Responsivity: 8000 V/W 
Pixel size (pitch): 1.5 x 3 mm 
Min detectable power/pixel: 
100 nW (at 5000 fps) 
45 nW (at 1000 fps) 
14 nW (at 100 fps) 
Software: TeraFast(R) Viewer  (Including API in Python) 
SDK: C/C++; LabVIEW interfaces 


Dmitriy Romanyuk/ E-mail: info@terasense.com Tel: +1-(408)-600-14-59




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