The Verge most valuable tech site worldwide

Algorithm calculates monetary value of every online message

The Verge has been appointed as the most valuable tech site in the world. This was determined by social media software company Coosto, which used a new algorithm that automatically calculates the monetary value of every online message. By applying this algorithm, Coosto has calculated that The Verge has the highest monetary value of all tech sites. A mention in one of Verge's articles is worth Euro12,019. Softonic and Wired are number two and three on their list.

The algorithm, called PR Value, shows the monetary value of mentions in articles on news sites, blogs and forums and in social media messages. Coosto's data scientists have based the algorithm on several realtime factors, such as (estimated) impression rate, engagement rate and authors' influence rate which are linked to ad rates of the specific platform. Most of the information, such as retweets, likes, number of mentions, is already being indexed by Coosto. However, a special team contacted publishers for nearly a year to establish the ad rates of millions of websites.

Toine Verheul, CEO of Coosto: "We believe that PR Value lets professionals make better brand decisions. Until now, it wasn't possible to soundly assess what the return on investment is for marketing and PR activities. To answer this frequently asked question, we asked PR agencies and corporate communication strategists what they thought were good indicators and accordingly, we put our data scientists to work. We now have established an unique and reliable metric called PR Value."

Here you can see the 10 most valuable tech sites worldwide and what a mention in their articles is worth:

The Verge - Euro12,019
Softonic - Euro10.795
Wired - Euro7.816
TechRadar - Euro4,936 - Euro4,109
Gizmodo - Euro3,822
Digital Trends - Euro3,609
Mashable - Euro2,339
TechCrunch - Euro2,061
TheNextWeb - Euro1,860

About Coosto

The all-in-one social media software of Coosto lets users monitor, analyse, publish and respond to online messages. The messages are indexed in realtime from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo, VKontakte, WordPress, Reddit and millions of other forums, blogs, review sites and news sites. The software of Coosto enables communication professionals to monitor their brand reputation, customer service managers to deliver fast online customer service and marketing managers to measure and optimise their social media campaigns. Coosto is market leader in the Netherlands and services corporate enterprises all over the world. Clients are e.g. Microsoft, ING, Samsung, TUI, Red Cross, Greenpeace, PWC and Havas Media.


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