Victor Petrik's New Discovery - Experiments With Graphenes May Save Millions of Human Lives

MOSCOW, January 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Investigations of graphene properties for their use as enterosorbents have been performed in S.M. Kirov Military Medicine Academy in Russia. The research has been carried out under the leadership of Kirsan - Petrik Laboratory of the Future transcorporation.

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The investigations were performed on animals in the conditions of acute and rapidly growing renal disease, caused by surgical removal of both kidneys from the animals.  

All surgical manipulations were executed with rats being in the state of ether anaesthesia, taking into account the standards as per the European convention for the protection of vertebrate animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes [Strasbourg, 18.03.1986].

It has been shown that on the background of growing uremic intoxication the oral administration of a graphene substance will double the survival rate of rats as compared to the reference group of animals, to which the substance was not administered.

Results of the research indicate that graphenes could become a basis for creating an affordable corrector of uremic intoxications arising in case of renal disease, diabetes and other diseases.

V. Petrik discovered the effect of stable state of graphene outside the graphite crystalline lattice as long ago as in 1996. The discovery was registered by the International Association of the Authors of Scientific Discoveries in 2001, Diploma No.163.

In 1998, V. Petrik, for the first time in the world, established an industrial production of graphenes with the method of cold destruction of graphite. The patents have been registered in 43 countries worldwide including the USA, e.g. US No.7,842,271 B2 dated 2004.

Initially, graphenes produced by V. Petrik were observed via the electronic spectroscopy method in the Institute of criminology of the Federal Security Service of Russia and in the Institute of spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1997 and later in the University of California, Davis, University of California, Irvine.

V. Petrik first investigated graphenes for their use in medicine in 1997. In 1999, unique results for the use of graphenes in blood plasma purification were obtained in the Russian Cardiology Centre.

In 2000, research into the cicatrizing action of graphenes in case of burn and septic wounds was carried out in the Institute of Experimental Medicine, a federal state unitary enterprise, and in the Dzanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine.

Kirsan - Petrik Laboratory of the Future transnational corporation.

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Kirsan - Petrik Laboratory of the Future transnational corporation

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