Dating App Eastloveswest is Growing in Popularity in Eastern Countries

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In crisis situations, we expect people to behave a certain way. We expect masses to become disorganized and individuals to lose all sense of composure. Instead, the reality of a crisis, any crisis, teaches us that people actually discover a more organized self. Like a defensive mechanism, our bodies and minds almost instantly create a new framework of understanding the crisis, a solution-oriented framework. We look for ways out.

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With this fact in mind, it is interesting to observe how Eastern countries are dealing with current socio-political disorder. Take for example the recent riots and revolution in Ukraine. With current events involving Syrian refugees in focus, Natasha Dubrovsky, Public Relations Manager at Eastloveswest, has decided to release some information regarding an impressive spike in their dating app downloads and new profiles during and after the Ukrainian turmoil.

"All through the second half of 2014, we saw a constant increase in our female Ukrainian members." reported Drubrovsky. "Whenever the situation got worse in Kiev, we just seemed to get more downloads of the Eastloveswest app. Naturally we wanted to find out what was going on, what was making these people decide to try our app and online dating mid-political crisis."

Eastloveswest, a dating site and app aimed at connecting women from Russia and Eastern Europe with men from the West, launched both an in-site survey for desktop and one for mobile directed at countries with uncertain socio-political situations. The results were surprisingly unilateral. The vast majority of these individuals were looking to improve their circumstances as far away from their country as possible.

"Apart from improving their quality of life, be it through more employment opportunities or through better education, the biggest reason that these new members were downloading the Eastloveswest app was safety. Individuals from Eastern states were looking for a better life in politically stable countries and our website and app appeared as the ideal platforms toward that happier outcome. However, what surprised us was that it wasn't just about relocating to a safer environment; it was also about finding a safety net in love."

The Eastloveswest dating app is currently available in the Play Store for Android users. An iOS version is planned to be released in January 2016. For desktop users there is [ ].

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