What Can Be A Better Gift Than 'Time' This Holiday Season?

BANGALORE, India, December 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Expensive gifts do not always 'a happy Christmas make'! Sometimes, it's the small things like surprise visits back home and spending quality time with family and friends that makes all the difference. At times, when someone is overburdened with work, all it takes is a helping hand to gift some 'time' to overworked souls.
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Amanda, a working professional in her mid-20s, recently quit her job to start a business in floral arrangements. After a busy spring last year, Amanda's orders had begun pouring in over the phone and on her website for the holiday season. The demand for exotic, floral arrangements for centerpieces, family dinners and Christmas wreaths were steadily on the rise. As a small business owner, Amanda handled just about everything - from conceptualizing designs and managing deliveries to supervising the floral coordinator who helped her bring her ideas to life. With so much to do, she found it hard to juggle work and personal life. Her health suffered and so did her relationship with her boyfriend, Michael Stanworth. She was desperately looking for help to cope with the load and the stress. But where would she find someone during the Holiday season?
Seeing his girlfriend lose sleep over her business, Michael, who had previously used GetFriday's virtual assistance, gifted Amanda 20 hours of assistance from GetFriday [http://www.getfriday.com ]. With this wonderful 'gift of time' from a caring Michael, she managed her business effectively through the holiday season. Her Virtual Assistant handled her tasks efficiently and she even managed to spend more time with her boyfriend despite the busy season. Amanda eventually signed up for a regular, monthly plan with GetFriday and is now meticulously planning for the festive season ahead. Well, this time her assistant is not only of great help, but also giving some fantastic ideas for her business!
Not getting enough time with family and friends is bad enough, but missing occasions like Christmas year after year can wreck your relationships. A mere gift wrapped in fancy packaging can never replace your presence and time.
Austin, a GetFriday client for the past 10 years, methodically planned his work and outsourced his tasks every year to make sure he never missed important family holidays like Christmas! In the last couple of years, Austin noticed his best-friend Patrick, struggling with his new, e-commerce business during the festive season as shipments sky-rocketed. With very few employees and with Patrick forced to run most errands by himself, it was increasingly difficult to manage orders and meet shipping deadlines. Patrick was stuck last year and could not fly back home in time for Christmas. Seeing his friends' plight, Austin gifted Patrick, 10 hours of GetFriday's services as a Christmas gift! This sweet gesture allowed Patrick to outsource all his time-consuming work to his Virtual Assistant and spend time with his family for Christmas.
If you think gifts are valuable to let people know that you care, then imagine how invaluable it would be to give someone the 'gift of time'. Are you ready to gift time?
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