Famed Avatar, Virtual World Legend Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs Announces Run For Virtual Reality President

Virtual World Entrepreneur Seeks To Create 1 Billion Jobs

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cyber-celebrity and entrepreneur Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs has just announced his bid to run for Virtual Reality President, an inaugural election put forth by Mindark, the developer of the Entropia Universe, the real currency MMO virtual reality (VR) platform. A driving force behind the growth of Entropia, Jacobs' famous avatar NEVERDIE has been a pioneer of the universe for 12 years and has built an empire within virtual reality, making him the best choice for VR President.

"We are now in the renaissance of VR," said Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs. "I envision a thriving platform that creates resources rather than depletes them which is the unfortunate climate in the real world. Those who are productive in the supply and demand virtual economy will be financially compensated."

With a larger than life story that bleeds between the real and virtual worlds, Jacobs has done it all. An actor, filmmaker, musician and entrepreneur, he's recognized as one of the first virtual world millionaires, building his fortune by mastering the simulation game. His success in virtual world economics will be a cornerstone in his Presidential campaign. Jacobs will commit to creating 1 billion virtual world jobs in his first four year term.

Jacobs understands the critical need for developers and manufacturers to collaborate on building one, united virtual reality, which can encompass unlimited worlds, experiences and entry devices establishing connectivity with interoperable avatars. His vision for the future entails interconnecting all VR platforms in an effort to ultimately achieve avatar freedom.

Mindark invites everyone over the age of 14 to claim their virtual reality citizenship and register to vote in the upcoming historic election for the first President of VR. The elected official will work with an initial operating budget, promote strategic alliances between the VR government and real world groups/institutions. Please visit www.presidentofvirtualreality.com [http://www.presidentofvirtualreality.com/]. Polls will close on March 27, 2016.

As part of this landmark new initiative - hardware and software developers, publishers and creators are encouraged to join the Virtual Reality Coalition in support of the creation of the Avatar Bill of Rights as a means to galvanize the VR community.

For more information, to register and vote in this monumental election, please visit: www.voteneverdie.com [http://www.voteneverdie.com/]. Jon NEVERDIE is also partnering with Talenthouse to invite artists to submit visual assets that can be shared through NEVERDIE Studios' social channels, promoting the "Vote NEVERDIE [http://voteneverdie.com/]" campaign to elect Jon Jacobs as the first President of Virtual Reality. For more information, please visit: https://www.talenthouse.com/i/create-visual-art-for-neverdie-studios [https://www.talenthouse.com/i/create-visual-art-for-neverdie-studios]

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Web site: http://voteneverdie.com/

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