Ecuador: The Republic of Opportunities

The development of our countries will always be synonymous with a strengthened production and social and political security.

QUITO, Ecuador, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecuador is not an isolated case in this regard. The country has reinforced its development through social investment through which it has reinforced its human talent, which in turn has generated economic growth.

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As a result its GDP has grown at a rate of 4.5% according to Cepal data - a rate above the average for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Coordinating Ministry of Production, Employment and Competitiveness under the direction of Vinicio Alvarado Espinel has, on the one hand, committed itself to fomenting teamwork, recognizing the creative spirit and perseverance of the business sector, while on the other hand it views the role of the public as a determinant in achieving the objectives of society. In this way both sectors will together develop the country's productive activity, because as the Minister said, "Together, it is possible".

The Ministry seeks to build a common agenda that includes small, medium and large producers, exporters, importers, artisans, professionals, businessmen and consumers.

Ecuador has successfully used the adverse international economic panorama to drive and project itself as a Republic of Opportunities, together with the social and production achievements that are the foundations of its development.

As stated by Minister Alvarado, "Ecuador, a productive power even in adversity, or rather even more so in adversity. Today more than ever, it is essential that we recover the concept of society in order to move forward".

The efforts of each and all of the country's productive actors are materialized in incentives for investment, such as a 0% income tax for 5 years, 0% tax on currency outflows, and 0 tariff on machinery imports. This positions Ecuador not just as a country that charms and enchants with its natural wonders, but also as a place for prosperity.

Alvarado reminds that Ecuador is a country where everyone can grow. "Here we see not just roads, but opportunities; not just hydroelectric plants, but competitiveness, efficiency, autonomy, stability; not just hospitals, but healthy, productive collaborators. We see not just Millennium schools, universities and scholarships, but rather capacity, a qualified work force; we see new managers, new scientists and entrepeneurs; we see those who will take the lead to lift this country to new heights, and to raise the level of permanent development".

Ecuador shows the world that despite today's adverse international context, it is a Republic of Opportunities that does not tire of raising itself when there are problems, capable of generating excellent options for foreign investment, of strengthening its product development and as an unbreakable shield of social security.

Dr. Vinicio Alvarado Espinel

Dr. Alvarado has managed political campaigns that have led to seven successive triumphs of the "Revolucion Ciudadana". His passion for this country has led him to the most distant corners of our country.

He is an ingenious creator of effective and efficient solutions; a loyal defender of the principles and collective interests of the country; pragmatic when selecting the tools necessary for victory against any adversity; a simple admirer of the marvels of this country and its people; and an effective guarantee that Ecuador is and will always be a Republic of Opportunities.


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El Ministerio Coordinador de Produccion, Empleo y Competitividad

CONTACT: Luis Flores Herrera,, Director ofCommunications, Coordinating Ministry of Production, Employment andCompetitiveness.

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