Call for Papers, China International Battery Fair 2016

TIANJIN, China, Nov. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The technical conference of CIBF 2016 will be named as "China International Conference on the Frontier Technology of Advanced Batteries, CIBF2016" and will mainly focus on the latest progress on R&D and applications of advanced batteries for electric vehicle and energy storage, in particular the latest progress on advanced materials for next generation xEV battery and energy storage.

Among those, the main contents cover incentive policies and new development plans from different countries to promote and support R&D and applications of advanced batteries for EV & BESS; the current and future markets of advanced batteries for EV and BESS; R&D progress of advanced batteries and key materials; advancement of battery manufacturing and evaluation as well as battery safety and battery management systems.

Based on above main content arrangement, the Conference will set six sessions, which include:

Session 1: Comprehensive session: Government supported policies and R&D plans as well as market/application evaluation of xEV & BESS batteries;

Session 2: xEV advanced battery session: Latest progress on R&D and practical running of various advanced batteries for start/stop system, HEV, PHEV and EV.

Session 3: BESS advanced battery session: Latest progress on R&D and practical running of various advanced batteries for micro & smart grids.

Session 4: New generation battery material session: Latest progress on R&D and practical application of various anode, cathode, electrolyte and separator materials.

Session 5: New type battery chemistry session: Latest progress on R&D and application evaluation of new generation Li ion chemistry, Sodium ion chemistry, Pure Li and other light metal chemistry, including all solid systems.

Session 6: Battery module & pack and life & reliability evaluation session: Safety issues for Lithium ion batteries in EV and energy storage applications, R&D on cell, module, system design; Evaluation via simulation and road test; New standards and regulations for cells, modules and system evaluation.

We warmly welcome and encourage experts, scholars, active researchers and graduate students in this field both from China and abroad to prepare paper abstracts based on your latest research achievements and submit them as soon as possible for the pre-screening and categorizing.

Deadline of title and abstract submission: No later than March 1, 2016

Any questions about the paper submission please contact:

Wang Jiqiang, Chairman E-mail: [] Telephone: +86 (0)22-2395-9636

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