ChinaCache's Powerful Network Helps Major E-commerce Platforms Easily Handle Big Online Sales

BEIJING, Nov. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- During the Single's Day (Nov 11(th)), all the major e-commerce platforms were faced with heavy traffic brought by sensational online sales and promotional activities with competitive prices, while CDN service providers were trying their best to guarantee smooth operation of the network behind the scenes. This year, ChinaCache provided CDN network acceleration service to many well-known e-commerce platforms in China such as JD, Dangdang, Vipshop,, and Amazon, and brought smooth and merry shopping experience to online users.

What measures did ChinaCache use to help major e-commerce platforms smoothly pass through the "huge test"?

Exclusive E-commerce Industry Solution

ChinaCache was the first to provide a complete range of Internet e-commerce industry terminal-to-terminal solutions, through integrated product use of webpage acceleration, intelligent download, and Content-aware service, to cover several areas from all aspects such as IT infrastructure operation and maintenance, transmission network optimization, and application performance acceleration improvement. CDN high-performance service equipment groups are used to support national distribution, achieve domestic all-operator coverage, implement zero stack and low delay even under a surge of high visits, and provide users with smooth access experience. Especially the introduction of a new generation of multi-core CPU enhances high-speed caching node concurrent performance, and helps e-commerce enterprises easily cope with increasing bandwidth pressure and undifferentiated experience challenge of users at different regions. ChinaCache not only ensures the stability of whole-time user access for e-commerce service, but also enables e-commerce platforms to have highly efficient accesses across operators and timely and accurate Internet traffic data analyses and forecasts at reasonable operating costs.

MPlus Helps Improve Shopping at Mobile Terminals

With increasing spending power at mobile terminals, consumers have higher expectation on Internet quality at mobile terminals. According to data from 199IT, at the beginning of Single's Day this year, the purchase traffic at mobile ends has exceeded the peak value of last year, creating a new global record of e-commerce consumption at mobile terminals. ChinaCache has followed the market tightly and played its role at mobile terminals to bring positive influence for consumers during mobile shopping.

ChinaCache MPlus, a product targeted at mobile terminal acceleration, has stood out. ChinaCache MPlus mobile Internet awareness service has core advantages such as cross-complex-networks, integrating complex contents, and optimizing transmission content. In a network with multiple accesses such as 2g/3g/LTE/WiFi, ChinaCache MPlus uses link detection, access optimization, path optimization and transmission optimization, to provide end users with high-availability business links across complex network environments and have content delivered to user terminals without difficulties. Either upward or downward, either static or dynamic, without user intervention one by one, ChinaCache system will automatically make intelligent integration, separation, change to the accessed content, to improve resource utilization by combining different network paths and link optimization. In complex user network environments and terminal use environments, content optimization algorithm has been used to load the accessed pages in a shortest period of time and accelerate content delivery.

ChinaCache Guarantees Service Throughout Entire Online Promotion

Providing high quality service throughout the process is the key for guaranteeing network security during the online sales activity. In addition to in-depth communication with customers about their demands and allocation of sufficient network resources in advance, in order to ensure smooth Internet operation during entire online promotion, ChinaCache has set up a complete guarantee solution from staff arrangement, technical solutions, commanding and scheduling, to logistics, to provide customers with multiple safeguards. The guarantee management and control program even includes personnel management, progress control, trouble control, monitoring and information release management, emergency response management, and environment and logistics management, throughout the entire online sales activity.

The online sales promotions are not new to ChinaCache, which has been playing its role in guaranteeing network performance for online sales promotions of each major e-commerce platform in China such as Mi Fan Festival, JD 618 Anniversary, Suning and Vipshop Annual Sales. Besides its rich service experience in soft power, ChinaCache has indispensable hard power. ChinaCache has 660 nodes and nearly 30,000 servers in 113 countries all over the world, with a complete portfolio of traditional Internet, mobile Internet and industry solutions, rapid network resource deployment capacity, and professional technical and service support team, all of which are the reasons for each major e-commerce platform to choose ChinaCache.

ChinaCache has witnessed every new record and every new breakthrough in Chinese e-commerce industry. As the leader in the CDN industry, ChinaCache CDN has foreseen the demands of the e-commerce industry, to satisfy the demands of terminal users through innovative product optimization service quality, and grow together with e-commerce enterprises in China.


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