Russia Presented a New Form of Art for the World

LONDON, November 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Victor Petrik, one of the most mysterious scientists of our time and author of four scientific discoveries, has created a gem portrait of the President of Russia to commemorate Vladimir Putin's birthday.

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Experts have already given the highest appraisal for this piece of art, both from an artistic point of view and for its use of brand new technologies to create the portrait. Technologies invented by Petrik open a way for production of 3D images on gems with different levels of hardness, including diamonds.

Putin's portrait was made on a huge sapphire of dark blue color, with an astonishing and rich variety of overtones. Stone dimensions 100x90x44 mm, weight 611 grams.

Today it is known that Petrik created his collection privately for 20 years. Collection numbers nearly 90 portraits of famous people from history and the modern day. His portraits are made on rubies, sapphires, topazes and other natural gems or synthetic stones.

Moreover, the Petrik has not only dedicated equipment for the synthesis of gems, but also created brand new technologies that allow the production of emeralds and rubies of ultimate size with previously unattainable characteristics.

At first, a portrait is made from normal plastic materials, i.e. putty or wax.  This is a creative part. At this stage, being a psychologist and professional artist, the Author embodies not only portrait similarity in sculptural plastic, but also the deepest traits of the subject's personality. Thus, for Putin's portrait, Petrik emphasized such main traits as courage and the strength of Putin's nature. Besides, using delicate and intellectual techniques, he used sculptural opportunities to transfer a wisdom that is reflected in the eyes of a hero.

The second, more mysterious part deals with image transfer to the gem. Here, either previously known technology of hard gem processing could not be used, such as laser or ultrasound technology and scientists still find difficulties to formulate their assumptions.

Once, during the 90s, Vladimir Putin demonstrated his insight-unlike other scientists-and supported the scientific studies of Petrik. Today, the master sculptor glorified an image of the President of Russia in a gem, which, together with other pieces of art in his collection, according to some experts, will be a part of world art treasury forever in the Louvre Museum.

Petrik said of the portrait: "Millions of years will pass, everything will be destroyed, but the portrait of the President of Russia on sapphire will shine in the rays of the everlasting sun."  


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