Ammolite Resource Technologies Partners with DeviceLynk to Deliver Industrial IoT Offering for Directional Drilling

SEATTLE, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Ammolite RT provides performance drilling solutions for oil and gas customers using Industrial IoT technology. By connecting WITS based field devices with the DeviceLynk application - Ammolite is able to centrally monitor all aspects of the drilling process in real-time.

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"The first generation of the Ammolite service powered by DeviceLynk allows us to collect, view, log, analyze and report on data received from any WITS device onsite. That enables our experienced staff to provide real-time drilling guidance without having to be at the location." - Dave Smith, Technology Director, Ammolite RT

Ammolite's unique approach employs a 24/7 Drilling Operations Support Center that is operated and manned by experienced drilling personnel who are trained to analyze live drilling data. These senior technicians offer technical and troubleshooting support for any type of drilling application.

This groundbreaking "expertise as a service" approach enables Ammolite to offer services ranging from auxiliary operational support for fully-manned drilling operations, to actively managing and directing reduced personnel operations.

DeviceLynk Certified Hardware is placed onsite at the drilling rig, linking the real-time telemetry data to to the DeviceLynk application, where staff at Ammolite's Operations Support Center view drilling information provided in context to the real-world functional limitations of the equipment being utilized onsite by the operation.

This at-a-glance perspective allows Ammolite personnel to make informed adjustments to specific drilling parameters that improve operational performance and immediately identifies when equipment is being operated outside of recommended limits, reducing downtime due to equipment failures and unplanned maintenance.

"The Industrial IoT technology delivered by DeviceLynk enables us to skip custom development and get to market 12-18 months ahead of schedule. For us and our customers, that's immediate value." - Ross Dahl, Managing Director, Ammolite RT

"Our partnership with Ammolite shows the truly innovative solutions that are capable with Industrial IoT technology. The ability of DeviceLynk to deliver 'Actionable Information' from remote field equipment, combined with the deep industry knowledge and years of field experience from Ammolite personnel, enable this solution to deliver real value for the oil and gas industry - which is particularly relevant in this down economy." - Adam Strynadka, Managing Director - DeviceLynk

About Ammolite Resource Technologies

Ammolite is an experienced team focused on bringing innovation and integration products to The Oil & Gas Industry. Tools to manage and control the different aspects and services involved in Drilling for Oil & Gas. Real-Time engagement with the operations at hand, and the ability to oversee multi-rig projects. Specializing in Directional Drilling we show our value in Real Data, Real Time, Real Decisions. []

About DeviceLynk

DeviceLynk is an Industrial IoT solution focused on transforming raw equipment data into Actionable Information. Through technology partnerships, DeviceLynk combines cloud capabilities, software agents and certified hardware to empower users with informative dashboards, reporting and alerts. Jumpstart your IoT Strategy and extend the life of your existing assets with DeviceLynk. []



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