Checking Your Phone Regularly Won't Save Your Life

LONDON, October 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

New research reveals that over two thirds of women anxious when they forget to check

phone, almost half 'not bothered' by forgetting to check breasts

To mark the start of breast cancer awareness month, new research has revealed the modern woman's 'checklist': showing that women are much more likely to worry about checking almost everything - their smartphones, bank balance and their appearance - over checking their breasts.

The global research, conducted by FITNESS(R), a Nestle whole grain cereal, showed that only 5% of women often forget to check their phones - while almost a third (32%) of women admitted to regularly forgetting to do a breast check.

"Our research highlights that too many of us forget to check our breasts. We know early detection can save lives and prevent breast cancer, so this month we're campaigning for women to take one simple positive action - a self-breast check." says, Liz Mascolo, Global Marketing Director at Cereal Partners Worldwide.

"This fun campaign asks women to post an image on social media of themselves getting #HandsOn. It's a simple and light hearted way to spread an important message."

Despite participants in the research citing breast exams as the most important thing to remember to regularly do, almost half (45%) of women stated they're 'not bothered' when they realise they've forgotten to check their breasts. However, 68% of the respondents admitted they can't help but feel anxious when they realise they've forgotten their phone.

Jo Hemmings, Behavioural Psychologist, reflects on the findings. "There are a number of reasons why women don't check their breasts as regularly as they should. It's in part fear of what they might find, coupled with a sense of denial that it won't happen to them.  But is also about making the effort to break old habits, where we may have been forgetful, and resolving to form new habits to protect our health. Self-protection comes from making minor changes in our behaviour patterns - simple yet regular breast checks.

"While our smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, the #HandsOn campaign is encouraging people to 'borrow' some of that checking routine we've got so used to, and spend a fraction to check our breasts regularly. With 53% of women admitting that they take their phone into the toilet with them, it would be wonderful to see every woman checking their breasts in the shower or bath - and you don't even need to remember to take them with you!"

The research also revealed that 85% of women cite their phone as one of the things they remember to check most often.  When it comes to the top three most regular checks, the phone is the outright winner followed by bank balance and hair.

Watch the video [ ] to see just how many times women check their phones every day, but often miss their regular breast check.

The research was conducted with 3,000 women across the globe in September 2015 by FITNESS(R) - a Nestle whole grain cereal - and is part of their initiative to encourage women across the globe to put their devices down and put their hands on their breasts instead this October. The light hearted campaign asks women to post an image on social media of themselves getting #HandsOn to encourage self-breast examination.

See notes to editors for summary of research findings. 



The top 3 things the research shows women remember to check the most often are:

- Phones
- Bank Balance
- Hair

The top 3 things women forget to check the most often are:

- FITNESS(R) tech (e.g. pedometers)
- Breasts
- Weight

The top 3 things women think it's important to check:

- Breasts
- Bank balance
- Weight

The extreme places women check their phones:

- The loo (53%)  
- In bed (34%)
- In the cinema (24%)  
- During a funeral (12%)
- On a first date (7%)
- During their wedding ceremony (3%)  
- Giving birth (2%)


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