RhodeCode Unlocks Mercurial for Enterprise

BERLIN and PALO ALTO, California, October 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

RhodeCode Inc., the number one provider of Mercurial source code management behind-the-firewall, unlocks this technology for enterprise customers looking to use the tool of choice at Mozilla and Facebook.  Enterprise teams can adopt lean, agile development workflows, hire from a deep talent pool of Mercurial developers, and the first 25 seats from RhodeCode are free.

"We built RhodeCode from the start with Mercurial support. Leading enterprise customers are using Mercurial due to its power, scale, and flexibility. RhodeCode Enterprise fully unleashes Mercurial's potential. We support Mercurial Phases, pull requests with rebase functionality; all powered with Mercurial's great plugin architecture for enterprises to use out of the box," said Marcin Kuzminski CTO.

Securing Open Source Platforms 

RhodeCode Enterprise comes production ready, with a number of features to enhance productivity and security. A powerful and flexible permissions system lets organizations restrict access and create manageable permissions grouping structures to handle large numbers of employees. Code review tools and pull requests help to ensure quality focussed development work practices and team collaboration.

Creating Additional Value With Productive Workflows 

RhodeCode Enterprise enables managers to define Mercurial workflows and enforce them across teams, projects, or the whole business. In addition to ensuring workflow adherence, teams can capitalize on RhodeCode Enterprise extensibility to further customize their approach and to integrate with existing Enterprise applications.

Mercurial offers the enterprise powerful capabilities and a great talent pool for developers.  RhodeCode completes the package by delivering the agile enterprise toolbox to manage, to secure, and to automate development operations, said Matthew Powell, RhodeCode CEO.

Availability and Pricing 

For all new customers, RhodeCode's Freemium offer includes:

- First 25 users are completely free
- Pricing for teams larger than 25 users is highly competitive and available via the
company's web site https://rhodecode.com/pricing  
- 12 month support packages start at $699 annually
- Discounts apply for longer terms and larger deals

To learn more about RhodeCode, visit https://rhodecode.com

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