ArKay Beverages introduces a tasting kit for collection of alcohol-free liquors

MELBOURNE, Florida, Sept. 8, 5015 /PRNewswire/ -- ArKay Beverages of Melbourne, Florida is attracting new customers by inviting them to try ArKay alcohol-free tasting shots before purchasing the one liter version.

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Each shot is a 1.7 fl oz bottle sold in a tasting kit containing 15 miniatures. "We believe that consumers interested in our alcohol-free liquors would pay to taste ArKay before deciding to go for the bigger size," says Angel David, VP of Sales.

ArKay believes the promotion will attract customers who want to get away from liquors but still have fun, and will lure them away from other soft drink and liquor companies. These additional customers will enable ArKay to introduce a new line-up of alcohol-free liquors including: whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum, peppermint, orange napoleon, mojito, and a new collection of 20 alcohol-free, flavored vodkas.

ArKay will extend this promotion worldwide where their presence as a major drinks player is already being felt. ArKay is currently distributed in 35 countries which include most of Europe together with South Africa, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and USA.

"With this offer for an ArKay tasting shot, the sky's the limit. It will enable ArKay to make an impact on households across the world," said Angel David.

Each ArKay alcohol-free tasting shot will sell for $1.00. The one liter bottle of each alcohol-free beverage costs $25.00.

To order our tasting kits, please contact your distributor or ArKay(® )sales representative at 855 416 2565. The ship date is November 2.

About ArKay Beverages: ArKay offers an extended collection of beverages including alcohol-free liquors, alcohol-free cocktails, and alcohol-free beers which are sold in glass bottles, aluminum cans, and on draft.

ArKay feels and tastes exactly like liquor. Millions of people drink ArKay every day because it has the same burn and flavor as the real thing but without any of the ill effects. ArKay is a healthy option too. Besides being 100% alcohol-free, it contains no fat, carbs, sodium or sugar.

ArKay has done with spirits what other companies did for beer but to an even greater extent. ArKay has invented a completely new beverage category of alcohol-free liquors. Unlike with alcohol, ArKay isn't constrained by strict market regulations, therefore allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere.

Angel David ArKay Distributing Inc. 129 W. Hibiscus Blvd., Suite Q, Melbourne, FL 32901 Toll-Free Phone: 1-855-416-2565 Email: [] []



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