Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. Announces 2015/16 Winter Visitor Schedule

WUZHEN, China, Sept. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With the Christmas holidays just a few months away, Wuzhen Tourism Board is releasing its event schedule for 2015 with the aim of introducing visitors to the ancient water town's distinctive cultural and gastronomical charms in a more economical way.

"We are releasing the event schedule early taking into account the needs of global tourists," explained Yao Jie, general manager of sales department, Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. "Travelling from abroad requires more time to prepare and the earlier people book their tickets and hotels, the more money they will save."

Among the seasonal highlights is the 6th China Wuzhen Lamb Festival, held from the end of December 2015 to the beginning of February 2016. The event demonstrates the importance of Hu sheep - which are raised specifically in Southeast China - in local culture, offering a unique fresh food culture experience for global visitors. The specially prepared meat is used in a variety of traditional Wuzhen recipes, with visitors invited to vote for their favourite.

Furthermore, from the beginning of February, Wuzhen will integrate its culture into Chinese New Year celebrations, giving tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Wuzhen style Lunar New Year. One option open to visitors is the chance to experience Chinese folklore in a Wuzhen Guesthouse, dining with a host family on New Year's Eve, and praying for good fortune for the year ahead.

For those seeking a carnival atmosphere, the street feast will bring together Wuzhen dishes like hot pot, salt braised pork knuckle and fried tofu puffs stuffed with minced pork, and special drinks such as smoked bean tea and rice wine, all served on the hundred-metre long table that perfectly captures the traditional spirit of the celebration.

Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd has designed boutique hotel and dining combos to make it easier for visitors who want to book their holiday in advance and join the unique fun and festivities of Chinese New Year. For more information, please visit: http://www.wuzhen.com.cn/english/index.asp [http://www.wuzhen.com.cn/english/index.asp] and www.ewuzhen.com [http://www.ewuzhen.com/]

About Wuzhen

Wuzhen is a traditional ancient Chinese water town located a one-hour drive from Shanghai. With 1,300 years of history, Wuzhen combines more than 10 cultural landscapes including folk museums and celebrity residences with contemporary art elements and modern resort facilities to offer visitors an unparalleled leisure experience.

Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd.

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