Arnon Grunberg launches Tirza in English at The American Book Center

ABC Amsterdam - Saturday, February 23rd, 16.00
ABC is very excited to host the launch of the English translation of Arnon Grunberg's award-winning novel and literary masterpiece Tirza on Saturday, February 23rd at 16.00.

* Opening word by Lynn Kaplanian Buller, owner of ABC.
* First copy of Tirza will be handed to an honorable guest, whose name
we can't reveal.
* Translator Sam Garrett will read a sample from Tirza.
* Journalist Douglas Heingartner will moderate a public interview
with Arnon Grunberg and Sam Garrett.

The cello and composer Edward Elgar's music play an important role in Tirza, so before and during the launch Cellist Christina Kellenberger will play Elgar's cello concerto in E Minor Op. 85.

Jörgen Hofmeester once had it all: an attractive wife, a nice house with garden in an upperclass Amsterdam neighborhood, a respectable job as an editor of translated fiction, two beautiful, bright daughters named Ibi and Tirza and a large sum of money in a Swiss bank account. As we follow the preparations for his daughter Tirza's graduation party, we come to know what he has lost. His wife left him for a lover, Ibi left Holland to start a bed and breakfast in France, the publishing house fired him and his savings disappeared post-9/11 thanks to a hedge fund. On weekdays he hangs around Schiphol Airport. All Hofmeester still has are his salary, his house and his youngest daughter Tirza, the sunqueen. Suddenly after three years, his wife returns and Tirza gets a new boyfriend named Choukri. Hofmeester thinks Choukri looks like Mohammed Atta. Worse, Tirza and Choukri are going to Africa: the Dark Continent, for a gap year. How will Jörgen cope?

After more than 300.000 copies were sold in the Netherlands and Belgium, you'll now be able to read this gem in English!

Arnon Grunberg
Arnon Grunberg was born in Amsterdam in 1971. He started his own publishing company at age nineteen and wrote his first novel, Blue Mondays-a European bestseller-at twenty-three. Two of his novels, Phantom Pain and The Asylum Seeker, have won the AKO Literature Prize, the Dutch equivalent of the Booker Prize. Now living in New York, he writes columns, book reviews, and essays for newspapers and magazines.

ABC would like to thank Open Letter Books, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Lebowski publishers and Arnon Grunberg Agency for making this happen and VL92 Gin for sponsoring drinks.

Please RSVP by sending an email to before Wednesday, February 20th.


Rick Lightstone

ABC Amsterdam: Spui 12, 1012 XA Amsterdam

The American Book Center


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