Rocky Mountain Institute Releases Report On Shenzhen's Path To Global Leadership In Electric Logistics Vehicles

RMI's latest report reveals how cities can learn from Shenzhen, China, to effectively deploy electric urban delivery vehicles and associated charging infrastructure.

BEIJING, June 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) launched its latest report which explores Shenzhen's experience in the deployment of electric freight delivery vehicles and explores one of the most important questions to accelerating adoption of EVs in urban delivery: how to effectively provide charging infrastructure.

In the A New EV Horizon: Insights from Shenzhen's path to global leadership in electric logistics vehicles report [], RMI uses a unique data set with complete driving records of over 10,000 electric delivery vehicles in the city of Shenzhen, supplemented by dozens of interviews with the companies that own and operate those vehicles, to analyze in unprecedented detail how those vehicles are charging and what can be done to improve the charging system.

In the last three years, nearly 60,000 light trucks and vans have been deployed for urban freight movement in Shenzhen, representing approximately 35 percent of the city's overall fleet of urban delivery vehicles.

Through an in-depth analysis, RMI has identified several insights for how to create a better charging climate and support further uptake of electric freight delivery vehicles in all global cities:

-- Policy that facilitates better integration of data into city planning
processes could help optimize the location of charging infrastructure
around areas of high demand and where the grid has capacity.
-- Current electricity pricing encourages charging practices that are
unsustainable for the grid in the long run, as evidenced by the
preference for fast charging during peak times of demand. Using insights
from existing charging data, smarter strategies in electricity pricing
could support a broader distribution of charging in time and space and
create a more sustainable pattern of energy usage.
-- Data providers partnering to provide a unified source of information
will address current inefficiencies and ease the friction that vehicle
operators currently face when charging.
"This report serves as a foundation for ongoing, data-driven research to enhance the effectiveness of policymaking regarding commercial EV charging, and to better position the private sector to efficiently invest in the growth of the system," said Dave Mullaney, report author and manager at Rocky Mountain Institute.

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