Ten Overseas Projects Debut at the Global Unicorn Fair - TOJOY Energizes Global Economic Recovery

BEIJING, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 26 the 2(nd) Global Unicorn Fair (GUF), sponsored by TOJOY and co-sponsored by the New High Technology Investment Special Committee of the Investment Association of China, directed by the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE) and supported by the China Association of International Trade was held on the TOJOY's proprietary Cloud Fair online system.

https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1160784/The_2nd_Global_Unicorn_Fair_held_online_business_system_TOJOY.jpg [https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1160784/The_2nd_Global_Unicorn_Fair_held_online_business_system_TOJOY.jpg ]

Former Prime Minister of Australia and Chairman of Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE) Kevin Rudd; Chairman of the Board of Directors of TOJOY Lu Junqing; Global CEO of TOJOY and former Global Vice President of Apple Ge Jun; President of Center for China & Globalization (CCG) Wang Huiyao; former Department Head of American and Oceanian Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Senior Researcher of CCG Jiang Shan; President of the China Association of International Trade Jin Xu; Executive Vice President and Secretary General of New High Technology Investment Special Committee of the Investment Association of China Zheng Rong, joined entrepreneur representatives, elite in the investment community and media personnel from around the world at the event. Meanwhile, the event received coverage from Baidu and The Economic Observer, and attracted more than 500,000 views of its live stream broadcast.

Sharing Business Opportunities to Shape the Future Together

The GUF event theme was "Global Vision - Win the Future". Ten global businesses specializing in new economic fields attended the event. These include Australian vertical farming system E Agri, United States-based hotel cleaning service Renue, Danish supermarket chain Netto, and many more. At the event, hundreds of thousands of potential local Chinese partners were introduced to the companies to explore possibilities for cooperation and quick growth in China.

At the event, Ge noted, "Economic globalization is moving in a more open, inclusive, and balanced direction that will result in more win-win situations." Ge believes that moving forward, global entrepreneurs will work more closely together to integrate resources, leverage one another's strengths, and jointly create new forms of industry to share the victories to be had in cooperative economic development.

Rudd pointed out that globalization has contributed to the development of economy, trade, science and technology and the elimination of poverty in many countries. However, he felt the current pandemic would affect the process of globalization, potentially changing the global supply chain and economic patterns. Rudd encouraged the development of cooperative economic policies and the promotion of sustainable development practices to steer a positive direction for the future of economic globalization.

Entrepreneurs attending the event interacted digitally with the presenters and indicated their interest in forming partnerships with the presented companies. TOJOY expects that the event will energize global enterprise in seizing the vast consumer market in China, allowing the companies and their partners to enjoy the benefits of quick, sustainable growth.

One world together to fight COVID-19

Now during the global COVID-19 crisis, TOJOY aggregated global resources again to advocate for the breaking of restrictive barriers through its promotion of Great Sharing Economics.

Some negative effects of the pandemic come from its hinderance of business. Once the "pause" button is pressed on the flow of economic resources, economic activities will face the crisis of stagnation. GUF is doing its part to press "play" again to restart the flow of economic resources. The economic efficiency discharged from this Fair will not only help China's economy rebound after the pandemic, but also help the global economy pass through the pandemic crisis to a new dawn of recovery.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1160784/The_2nd_Global_Unicorn_Fair_held_online_business_system_TOJOY.jpg [https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1160784/The_2nd_Global_Unicorn_Fair_held_online_business_system_TOJOY.jpg]

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