GTI Drive the 5G+AI Development and Fuel the Innovation

HONG KONG, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GTI Summit 2018, with the theme of "5G+AI, Fuel the Innovation", was successfully held on 27th Feb., 2018 in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World Congress 2018. Delegates from governments, organizations, operators, vertical and partners attended this summit to discuss how 5G and AI will enable the future innovations to create the intelligent world.

Operators actively drive 5G development and explore 5G use cases closely with verticals to pave the way for a smarter society.

Mr. Shang Bin, Chairman of China Mobile stated that China Mobile will start 5G scale-up trials in 5 cities and 5G application showcase in 12 cities, propel core network transformation and RAN evolution in 2018 to speed up 5G end-to-end development. China Mobile will also actively promote 5G+AI innovation to pioneer 5G smart network for intelligent operation, and to enable the intelligent connectivity and applications for all aspects of life. In this summit, based on 2 years efforts and collaboration with 112 partners in 5G Innovation Center, China Mobile kicked off 5G Innovative Application Campaign, providing 5G end-to-end environment in 12 open labs world widely, to prepare 5G service innovation for 5G pre-commercial showcase in 2019.

Bharti Airtel introduced the multifold challenges of network and socio economic in India. It is believed that new services in 5G era will definitely solve these problems. Bharti will take this opportunity to build the 5G network to support the industry pillars of "DIGITAL INDIA" by providing superior user experience diversified applications.

Deutsche Telekom stated that in the customer-centric 5G network, addressing and knowing well about customer demand is critical and DT's 5G network slicing will be the tailored network solutions for the diversified industry demands.

NTT DOCOMO shared the vision of wonderful future life in 2020s with intelligent connectivity and innovative use cases, which 5G and AI will bring. NTT DOCOMO would like to co-create enhanced user experience and new market using 5G and AI with partners across industries, and will open AI Agent API to help co-create new value.

At this Summit, AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DOCOMO and Orange jointly founded the world-wide ORAN Alliance to empower the next generation RAN with deeply imbedded intelligence, much higher efficiency, lower cost, greater agility and flexibility, and zero-touch automation. AT&T, Orange and all the founding members stated they will devote to the new open RAN in ORAN Alliance.

Verticals expect the fast development of 5G and AI technology, which will bring new opportunities and innovation applications to all aspects of society. Christoph Voigt, Chairman of 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) believes that the 5G+AI will make the autonomous driving a reality with ultra-low latency, high-reliability, and intelligent driving system. ABB emphasize robots, wireless connectivity and intelligent digitalization will play critical roles in the Forth Industrial Revolution. 5G + AI will enable paradigm shift in manufacturing which deliver faster time to market, higher flexibility, higher productivity and lower cost. Delegate of CEPRI of State Grid Corporation of China shares the 5G+AI requirements including high speed, Ubiquitous perception, always on-line, intelligence to achieve the smarter future of internet of energy.

End-to-end industry are putting more efforts to bringing 5G into a reality. Qualcomm, ZTE, Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson shared their progress on the latest development status of 5G technology, products and trials. With AI and cloud architecture, the 5G network will become more intelligent, agile and flexible to facilitate the service and application innovation with verticals. The smarter 5G devices is one of the keys to usher a 5G new era. Therefore, with 20 industry partners, China Mobile released 5G Terminal Forerunner Plan to promote the maturity of 5G chipset, component and terminals, and to improve the time to market of 5G pre-commercial products.

5G is believed to be a key enabler for innovative services and applications in next few years that should reshape our society and various verticals in a way we have never seen before. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a very promising technology which could penetrate into all aspects of our society. When 5G encounters AI, our world is filled with even much more possibilities and inspirations which will take innovation to another level. In the future, GTI will continue to hold hands with industrial partners to build an effective international cooperation platform to promote 5G commercialization and 5G joint innovation.

What is GTI?

Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), founded in 2011, has been dedicated to constructing a robust ecosystem of TD-LTE, speeding up the commercialization of TD-LTE and promoting the convergence of LTE TDD and FDD. As 4G evolves to 5G, GTI 2.0 was officially launched at the GTI Summit 2016 during the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, aiming not only to further promote the evolution of TD-LTE and its global deployment, but also fostering a cross-industry innovative and a synergistic 5G ecosystem.

GTI Summit is a premier event that industry professionals should attend. This summit brings together the industry's most influential decision makers, policy makers and partners from around the globe to discuss the latest industry trends, share cutting-edge technologies and release innovative achievements. It is held three times a year in Barcelona Spain, Shanghai China and America respectively.

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