LIBY, the leading brand of laundry detergent from China, announced the launch of its latest product in London with experts all across the world.

LONDON, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Liby, the leading brand of laundry care product from China, together with world-renowned industry professionals, unveiled a premium laundry detergent to the rest of the world yesterday in London - the Liby Laundry Detergent Essence. This revolutionary product, containing 7 essences, boosting 3 times the cleaning power and 4 times the fabric care capability, pioneers in turning a laundry detergent into a liquid essence. Experts from different fields including Lady Penny Mountbatten, Ambassador for British Royal Warranted and heritage brands; Calice Becker, award winning perfumer; Lara Stone, supermodel; Natalie Gibson, fashion print tutor and artist from Central Saint Martins, joined Liby for the launch of this new product. []

Liby is the first ever Chinese laundry product brand to launch its product in the UK. This groundbreaking action undoubtedly stems from Liby's exceptional brand strength and awareness amongst the population in China, "Liby is used in seven out of ten households in China, generating a sale that leads the industry in the country for 10 consecutive years," Chief Brand Officer of Liby, Mr. Mars Wu introduced Liby to the guests and media attendees.

Established in 1994, Liby stands out from the Chinese market with its tremendous size and competitiveness. Currently, it is the 1st in total sales in China and the 4th on the global scale, surpassing multinational corporations that has a history of more than 100 years and leading the Chinese laundry care industry, Mr. Wu unveiled some "secrets" behind Liby's success. []

"Since day one, Liby's mission has always been bringing health and happiness to every family and we are devoted in bringing health promoting, eco-friendly and technologically innovative products to our customers." Liby invests over 4% of its total revenues on technology and product development annually. At the same time, by condensing regular laundry detergent powder into a more concentrated form, they reduced packaging materials by 25% and their annual plastic consumption by 2000 tonnes.

Liby has been building on the concept of "bringing consumers quality and eco-friendly products". Back in 2016, it launched its revolutionary skin-friendly laundry powder, followed by laundry detergent with no added florescent whitening agents, all natural laundry soap and many others, which embody the concept and meet the standards. Liby also received the honor of being named the official sponsor for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the "International Carbon-Value Award" in 2018.

On a global spectrum, Liby is standing as a highly innovative and prospective corporation with great capability. Liby values the importance of innovative technologies and continues building strategic partnerships with established international corporations, including Givaudan, Firmenich, Novozymes, DOW, BASF, Clariant and Nouryon. This brand new Liby Laundry Detergent Essence is a product that combines technology and innovative ideas from all over the world.

While introducing the new product, Mr. Wu explained that the reason to develop this product is that Liby sees the need to improve the capabilities of washing, fabric care and perfuming in general detergents in domestic markets. This product will make laundry an enjoyable experience. This product reshapes consumers' pursuits for laundry detergent product, from "washing" to "wash and care" and from "everyday essential" to a "lifestyle".

Lady Penny Mountbatten, Ambassador for British Royal Warranted and heritage brands, also spoke highly of Liby. She said that: "I am aware of Liby's persistence with the Wash & Care in 1 concept since the establishment of the brand and fit tightly with the laundry care concepts of mine and the Royal Household. When washing using this Liby Laundry Detergent Essence, the clothes can maintain its shine and softness without needing to use additional softeners. This really surprised me and I am very satisfied with it."

Liby's Head Scientist, Kitty Zhang demonstrated during the event, the extraordinary features of this Laundry Detergent essence. It displayed an outstanding performance in its ability to clean, maintain softness of the clothes and a long lasting aroma, which surprised and impressed all of the attendees.

As an international supermodel, Lara Stone has adopted a high standard for premium laundry care concepts thanks to the edification from the high-end designers around her. "This detergent essence is composed of 7 essences, providing care to clothes like the skin care we received from expensive cosmetic wash." Being a mother at the same time, she doesn't only care about cleaning effects but also safety and health to the family. After knowing that all of the Liby products have passed the official cosmetic non-irritant test, Lara is satisfied and confident to choose Liby laundry Essence both for her and her beloved child.

The innovative technology used in the Liby Laundry Detergent Essence has also received approval from other industry experts. Expert of textile and fabric dye from Central Saint Martins, Natalie Gibson said: "Many laundry detergents in the market are found to damage the fabric and its colour whilst removing tough stains. The soft care polymers and the innovative ionic restoration technology in this product helped to not only restoring the clothes' natural softness but also maintaining the fabric's extradentary condition which is an astonishing performance." She placed hopes on Liby to continue bringing more surprises to the global laundry care industry and consumers through its innovative capability in technology.

Another highlight of the product is a 72-hour long-lasting aroma, which adopts the micro-capsule technology to lock the fragrance essence into a thin layer formed on the surface of the fabric. This technology is often only seen in the production of premium perfume products. French perfumer Calice Becker, who has designed many classic and award winning perfumes and often worked with luxury brands like Dior, Tom Ford and so on, showed high appreciation of the natural aroma from this essence and its world leading fragrance retaining technology. "I think that a good essence for this purpose should be the one that can bring a sense of pleasure through its long-lasting aroma." She is looking forward to more potential partnerships in the future to provide consumers with better fragrance experiences through laundry care products.

Liby Laundry Detergent Essence will not only impress you with its capability but also its package design. The bottle was designed in collaboration with the renowned British design company Pearl Fisher. Through the lens of art, it turns into a lifestyle art piece and a unique way of improving one's life quality. By gathering expert ideas from all over the world, Liby is leading a product revolution to bring customers with a better laundry experience in everyday life.


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