China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group Released Co-produced Documentary "Everyday Warriors in Tianjin's Fight Against COVID-19"

TIANJIN, China, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Among the unsung characters in the fight against COVID-19, Qu Lei is the only sign-language interpreter for Tianjin's Press Conference on the pandemic prevention and control.

From February 8, Qu was gesturing the latest information of the pandemic to the hearing-impaired audience, keeping the special group aware of the ongoing situation.

Just like oral and literal translators, she was faced with a bunch of new terminologies every single day that were hardly translated before.

Her story of combating the COVID-19 is echoed by many other everyday workers in different industries.

Bian Zhen, Party secretary and president of Tianjin Textile Group, received an urgent task on January 27, requiring him to produce 300 sets of protective clothing within four days.

Without further ado, Bian called up a group of retired workers who volunteered to join in the production. Aged 60 on average, the volunteer workers arrived at the factory during the New Year's holiday and produced 140 sets of protective clothing within two days, filling the dire need for protective tools at the forefront of the epidemic.

These common people helped build up a solid fortress as warriors to combat the coronavirus.

This video was co-produced by China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group. It tells stories of three characters who were dedicated to the fight against the pandemic through their expertise in different fields.

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