Devon and Cornwall Police Sign A 10-Year Contract for the NicheRMS Police Intelligence Platform

DEVON, England, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Devon and Cornwall Police has signed a contract with Niche Technology for the use of NicheRMS, a proven police intelligence platform. NicheRMS gives the Force the modern technology to capture, view and access the operational data necessary for the continued prevention and detection of crime. []

Devon and Cornwall Police will use NicheRMS to manage vulnerable individuals and communities, develop known intelligence on criminals, manage investigations, build prosecution cases and bring offenders to justice through integration with the Crown Prosecution Service. Working alongside Dorset Police as an alliance, both forces will deploy a collaborative system which will enable data sharing across force boundaries as well as integrating with mobile technology to deliver improved operational efficiency and effectiveness for front line officers and staff.

Devon and Cornwall Police are looking to drive greater collaboration between Forces, using technology to highlight cross border offending and giving Forces the opportunity to share resources.

"We are very excited to embark on this new collaboration with both Niche Technology and Dorset Police to deliver a shared operational platform as a priority," says Assistant Chief Constable Jim Colwell. ''The ability to easily access and share information across county boundaries is crucial for us to identify threat, risk and harm and bring offenders to justice. Moving forward we must be looking beyond our own borders and utilise the technology that Niche brings us to work not only seamlessly with Dorset, but also provides direct integration to other forces systems allowing significantly improved information sharing across the wider South West Region. As an internationally tried and tested platform, the implementation of NicheRMS leads Devon and Cornwall and Dorset Police into the next phase of 21(st) century policing.''

About Niche Technology and NicheRMS NicheRMS is a single, integrated operational police information management platform that enables police agencies to report, prevent and solve crime. NicheRMS removes silos and links intelligence function with frontline officers for faster prediction, prevention and response. NicheRMS is licensed to more than 150,000 sworn officers across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Ten of the largest 30 agencies run NicheRMS in the countries we serve. For more information, please visit [].

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