Athletics foundation formed to partner with Central American nations in search of World Cup and Olympic Gold

FAICA - Fundación para Atletas del Istmo Centroamericano, promotes private sector innovation for regional integrated economic development in bid to host World Cup and Olympic Games

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Foundation for Athletes of the Central American Isthmus, FAICA, makes history today announcing the first legal steps toward the formation of private non-government organization with the ambitious objective of building an integrated alliance between the 7 nations of the Central-American isthmus and Dominican Repúblic. FAICA's mission is to promote economic growth and development through international sporting events, with the ultimate goal of eventually bidding to host the Summer Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup.

FAICA represents a transformational shift in thinking of not only what can be accomplished in the region, but how it can be accomplished. A new mechanism in place that is designed to bring nations together toward a common long-term economic development goal through sport. FAICA proposes to provide the mechanism to promote an ascendant trajectory of the regional economy.

Inspired by the vision of UN agenda 2030, and the Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana - SICA Framework, promoting peace and economic development. FAICA incorporates the quadruple helix concept to address the complex problem sets found in Central America. FAICA will provide the necessary platform to foster collaboration between intellectuals (Academic), business, government and civil society to drive planning and propose creatively solutions focused on the primary goal of economic development and rejuvenation of the regions' infrastructure and reputation to qualify and host the World Cup and Olympic Games. A goal enthusiastically embraced by the region, but necessarily has to be accomplished the right way, the smart way, transparently without handing the public an enormous debt to repay.

What does success look like? Pathways for focused transnational collaboration emerge showing an increase in activity between nations, reduction of unemployment, increased tourism, increased trade and decreasing crime. Ultimately, hosting the World Cup and Summer Olympic Games.

The FAICA strategy understands that host cities striving to prepare for Olympic Games can be a catalyst to deliver long-term economic growth plans, completing difficult projects and providing many lasting benefits. By championing the spirit of collaboration and the spirit of the Games, we see tangible and intangible benefits for sport, for culture, for business, for innovation, for education and a sustainable long-term legacy for the benefit of our children and our children's children. The children have a future and it's here in Central America and not some far away country.

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