Collaborative Efforts to Further Drive Sustainability in the Nonwovens Sector

LENZING, Austria, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the creation of the VEOCEL(TM) brand in 2018, Lenzing adopts a new brand strategy focusing on a collaborative engagement with businesses and consumers alike to drive sustainability in the nonwoven industry. Hitting the ground in 2019, Lenzing has already launched significant collaborations with brand partners, including the Dutch brand Sweeps® and seazons® in China, to drive brand awareness and sustainable ingredient for nonwoven applications worldwide.

Alongside these partnerships, Lenzing also debuted its new Eco Cycle technology for VEOCEL(TM) branded fibers, which involves the upcycling of a large proportion of pre-consumed cotton scraps, at the 2019's IDEA conference, the world's premier event for nonwovens and engineered fabrics. Gaining widespread industry recognition, Lenzing also won the prestigious Raw Material Achievement Award in "Best new fiber/raw material introduction" category at the conference.

The increased awareness about the negative impacts of burden plastics and non-biodegradable waste towards the environment over the past year is the main driver for the industry to look for sustainable alternatives. It is now encouraging to see more commitments to curbing waste and environmentally polluting materials, such as the EU's ban on single-use plastics, and the development of waste legislation proposals by the US state lawmakers. Thanks to their initiatives, the world is listening and today, nations around the world have pinned plastics, waste and environmental related policies on their agenda.

"We believe sustainable fibers and technologies such as Eco Cycle technology represent the future for nonwovens. As sustainable initiatives are gaining momentum globally, we are excited to support the wider industry with its transition away from plastics and other environmentally unsustainable products. With multiple co-branding partnerships already in the pipeline for 2019, I am certain that the years ahead will bear witness to even more great opportunities for the VEOCEL(TM) brand and a greener future for the nonwovens industry," said Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of Lenzing AG.

Here is an overview of the latest VEOCEL(TM) brand stories:

VEOCEL(TM) introduces Eco Cycle technology to drive circular economy in nonwoven applications [] Lenzing introduced the pioneering Eco Cycle technology under the VEOCEL(TM) brand to the nonwovens industry. Eco Cycle technology involves the upcycling of a substantial proportion of cotton scraps, e.g. from garment production, and mixing with sustainably sourced wood pulp, to produce new virgin VEOCEL(TM) branded lyocell fibers for nonwoven applications.

VEOCEL(TM) launches all-new 100% cellulosic certification criteria to co-create a greener future [] A new set of VEOCEL(TM) co-branding certification criteria for personal care, home care and hygiene products was introduced, under which only 100% cellulosic and biodegradable fibers will qualify to blend with VEOCEL(TM) branded fibers. Synthetic and bio-based synthetic fibers will no longer be found in products that feature the VEOCEL(TM) brand logo. With this industry-first approach, the VEOCEL(TM) logo will become the label of trust and enable consumers to identify sustainable nonwovens products such as wipes, moist toilet tissues and facial sheet masks. Sweeps® pioneers the European market with VEOCEL(TM) branded wipes [] In April 2019, the Dutch brand Sweeps® has become the first European brand who actively promotes the VEOCEL(TM) brand logo on its wipes packages. The initial outlets for the "Natural wipes to go" range include Etos, a drugstore in the Netherlands, as well as airports across Europe. By focusing on natural materials from packaging to fiber, Sweeps® sets new standards for both sustainability and transparency. Caring for the Earth's future owners - VEOCEL(TM) launches new soft formula baby wipes with seazons® [] The VEOCEL(TM) brand has announced its recent co-branding collaboration with seazons®, one of the earliest launched baby wipes brand using botanic materials in China. seazons®' s natural and environmentally friendly products have won the recognition from Chinese consumers, as it cares for the children user experience, and more importantly, aims to preserve the environment for the next generations. Biodegradable materials are the best answer to single-use plastics [] The plastics crisis can no longer be ignored, and with consequences mounting for the world's ecosystems, different stakeholders are showing an increased interest in sustainable alternatives. Lenzing's certified fibers with biodegradability prove to be a great alternative to plastics for disposable nonwoven applications. With a global focus on eco-friendly solutions, materials such as LENZING(TM) branded fibers will become increasingly desirable as the world shifts away from plastics.

Flushable and biodegradable wet wipes are urgently needed to combat the world's fatberg crisis [] Millions of taxpayer funds now go towards cleaning up city sewers across the globe that are blocked with non-flushable and non-biodegradable products. As environmental awareness grows, consumers are eager to seek flushable and biodegradable substitutes, while Governments and industry players across major markets continue to promote consumer education on flushability. In this respect, brands are faced with increased attention on their "flushability" claims.

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