TAITRA: The Industry Expects IoT to Increase Life Expectancy From 80 to 85 Years in 2029

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

-- The storage and management of data will allow the optimization of
preventive treatments for diseases thanks to the technology of the
Internet of Things (IoT)
-- More specific treatments will be developed under the new concept of
'precision medicine'
-- IoT solutions for eHealth will also increase access to health care
services, which will improve the health and well-being of patients
The health sector will be the most affected by the digital revolution. The development of the IOT and its combination with AI to analyze the data generated by the devices will make it possible to create more effective treatments, better care for patients, greater access to it and, above all, better preventive and precision medicine. These were some of the conclusions of the conference "A life of well-being thanks to the intelligent technological solutions of Taiwan", carried out today in the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2019.

During the conference, Edgecore Networks, HTC DeepQ, IEI Integration Corp. and STARWING Technology Co. presented their state-of-the-art innovations related to health.

"We believe that by integrating our ICT strengths with our healthcare experience, we can make our healthcare system both more efficient and smarter," says Kate Wu, Strategic Marketing Manager of TAITRA.

HTC DeepQ: virtual reality to train health professionals
HTC DeepQ presented its VR technology to train future doctors. VR platforms are changing the way we learn anatomy, for example. It allows us to teach about an experience that is as close to reality as possible, but with the ease of being able to repeat it more easily.

IEI: Internet of Things (IoT) will change medical care
IEI has presented its extensive technology for the healthcare sector, which includes a broad infrastructure on the edge of computer companies, networks and storage in the cloud. IEI strives to develop AI medical auxiliary system to efficiently build ready-to-use AI environment for generating precise results.

STARWING: indoor positioning
STARWING, Taiwan's largest indoor positioning system provider, presented its new generation of AI Indoor Positioning System, SiPS, which incorporates centimeter-level positioning accuracy with AI analysis technology of ML and neural network, mainly used in advanced medical systems and high-end manufacturers.

Edgecore Networks: transforming the way we connect
Edgecore Networks presented its open network solutions for mobile networks, broadband access, data center, and public WiFi deployments.

Find out more about TAITRA here [https://www.taitra.org.tw/default.aspx].

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Web site: https://www.taitra.org.tw/default.aspx/

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