The World's First Smart Life Creator Award Launched in Beijing with RMB 1,000,000 Cash Prize Reward

BEIJING, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Seed Award 2019 ("the award") - the world's first creativity award that highlights the integration of technology and everyday life, launched its opening ceremony in Beijing on the 16(th) of May. The award, which comes with a top-prize of RMB 1,000,000 (USD 144,751.30), is aimed at discovering and supporting creative scientific and technological discoveries applicable to real-life scenarios to transform lives and society in the fields of healthcare, intelligent transportation and energy-efficiency.

The award was established at a ceremony attended by Jerry Luo, Co-president of Seedland Group; K.K.Ng, CMO of Seedland Group and Head of the Seed Award committee; and Xu Zhenbin, President of Seedland Technology Center. Also in attendance were two of the committee's judges, Dr. Dov Moran, Inventor of the USB Flash Drive, and Eric Frank, Founding Member of Uber AI Labs. []

"Seeking the doers with innovative ideas and encouraging the development of technologies applicable to life scenarios are the core values of the Seed Award. It is intended to push the improvement and invention of new technologies that can be applied to human life and enlighten people's creativity in science and humanity," said K.K.Ng, CMO of Seedland Group.

The award invited 12 world-renowned scientists under the same roof, including Michael I. Jordan, known as the "world's most influential computer scientist" by the Sceience in 2016, and Demis Hassabis, the creator of Alpha Go, making it possible for contestants to receive "golden" guidance on their inventions. The Seed Award will organize its semi-final in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe as a further step in helping contestants to bring their ideas to life.

Feyman, a student from Peking University, unveiled his universal brain-machine interface "New Sense 1.0" helping those with impairments to find a new sense to interact with the world. For instance, people with hearing-impairment will be able to receive sound signals via the information carried by different vibrations on the specially-designed wristband. []

Another invention that caught the eyes of the audience was a piece of equipment designed for fitness brought by Ding Lyu, a student from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. What makes this gadget distinctive? It is backed by AI visual recognition technology. The smart device offers guidance on the movements involved during exercise, enabling users to customize their fitness plans based on individual health data.

The Seed Award will work in partnership with Fast Company China, the world's leading progressive business media brand to embark on a global tour of Oxford University and Sandford University to discover amazing people with creative ideas and the ambition to make the world a better place.

To take part in the Seed Award and find out more about Seedland Group: []

About The Seed Award

Launched by Seedland Group, the Seed Award is designed to encourage and reward inventors with a passion for the world. Funded by Seedland Group the award aims to discover creative ideas applicable to multiple societal and lifestyle scenarios in the fields of healthcare, AI+IOT, intelligent transportation and energy-efficiency. The awarding committee comprises of Dr. Dov Moran, Inventor of the USB Flash Drive and Eric Frank, Founding Member of Uber AI Labs

About Seedland Group

Founded in Guangzhou in 2006, Seedland Group is one of China's Top 100 Real Estate companies, dedicated to developing innovative, connected solutions for housing and humanity. Set with the task of re-imagining the relations between body and living space, it has grown into a company that offers "smart living solution" for each stage of the human lifecycle. The company provides services for living security, family health and emotional interaction in the use of intelligent products, data analysis and residential support.

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