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LONDON, May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Improved efficiency, consistency and auditability in saturation modelling workflows   

Petrotechnical Data Systems (PDS) announced today during the 2018 AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Salt Lake City, Utah, the commercial availability of their Ava(R) Saturation software, a SaaS application targeted at saturation modelling.

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Ava Saturation enables geoscientists to explore saturation modelling uncertainties and collaborate to reduce the discrepancy between static and dynamic volumes. Although there are many well established methods for saturation modelling, separate disciplines tend to apply these independently and work the problem in their own ad-hoc, domain-centric manner.  Not only are results error-prone and the process inefficient and time-consuming, but there is a significant price to pay in the form of missed insights and opportunities.

Ava Saturation's guided workflows, using industry established methods, make the generation of saturation height functions intuitive and efficient, freeing up time that can be used to interrogate and analyse data. Its unique mapping functionality directly applies calculated saturation height functions to reservoir models, and because Ava Saturation is data aware, as new data becomes available, models can be rapidly updated. Ava Saturation also keeps a record of all input data used in the calculations, and saturation height functions generated. A robust audit trail means multiple company stakeholders can easily collaborate to reproduce, review and approve volume estimations. The result is increased confidence in the saturation model, enhanced understanding of saturation uncertainties and a fully documented and shareable workflow.

"In my previous life, building saturation models was a cumbersome and time consuming process involving many days and multiple spreadsheets. I came to PDS with a vision to solve this problem and I am truly excited to be launching this product and sharing it with other Geoscientists," explains Matthew Bowyer, Ava Saturation Product Manager.

Integration with the Petrel* E&P platform makes incorporating new data into existing Ava Saturation projects simple. Saturation height calculations are informed by ready-made charts which ensure fast plotting of data. The improved workflow allows for the seamless building and testing of multiple saturation height functions and quick assessment of the impact new data has on estimated volume ranges.

Viki O'Connor, Program Manager for the Ava product line, commented "We believe the flexibility of both our deployment method and usage based pricing model has a number of advantages, for example, seamless bi-monthly updates with new functionality, and access available on demand for all users".

Ava Saturation is the latest addition to a portfolio of geoscience software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies delivered by PDS.

"A benchmark for all E&P software products should be their ability to capture key workflow decisions and the data used to arrive at those decisions in a fully auditable and transparent way. Ava Saturation is a great example of this, and of using workflow automation to promote knowledge sharing and free-up valuable Geoscience thinking time", said Steve Daum, PDS Group Managing Director.

"The launch version of Ava Saturation is only the start. As a SaaS product new functionality will be delivered regularly. Ava Saturation will be developed into a fully functional, cross-discipline saturation hub where this critical variable will be given the structured and rigorous attention it requires," said Ben Meyer, Ava Business Unit Manager.

To learn more about Ava Saturation, visit http://www.pds.group/ava-saturation, or our booth #1237 during the 2018 AAPG ACE.

About PDS 

Petrotechnical Data Systems is a leading provider of petrotechnical software solutions to the petroleum industry. For twenty-five years, PDS has delivered innovative software technologies, R&D and consulting services to the petroleum industry from technology centers in The Hague, Houston, London, and Sofia.

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