Europe Grants DefenAge Skincare Master Patent For Proven Science That Generates New Young Skin

Body's Dormant Cells Produce Visibly Younger Skin Upon Activation by Topical Defensins

CARLSBAD, California, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Progenitor Biologics(®), LLC, the manufacturer and distributor of the revolutionary, evidence-based, anti-aging skincare products, DefenAge(®) Skincare [], is proud to announce that the European Patent Office has granted DefenAge's master patent that covers DefenAge's core technology. The patent is entitled "Stem Cell Stimulating Compositions," patent number: EP 3157504. []

The patent protects the exclusive rights of DefenAge to use the spectrum of immune peptides called defensins in topical cosmetic formulations in a specific range of concentrations effective to provide an anti-aging effect on a global scale, specifically to substantially reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pore size, brown and age spots, and redness; to address uneven skin tone and surface imperfections; to improve skin's brightness, radiance, evenness and clarity; to normalize skin's oiliness and hydration; and to correct skin firmness, sagging contours, lines and irregularities in texture.

"The key mechanism behind defensins is the activation of dormant, relatively young and fresh LGR6+ stem cells that are located all across our body. When LGR6+ stem cells are recruited by defensins, they produce young, new skin. Our body activates 'preserved' LGR6+ stem cells during wound healing; therefore, skin in a closed wound is always younger than the skin around the wound. The use of topical defensins on intact skin is a truly revolutionary approach for anti-aging purposes," explains Gregory Keller, M.D., Chairman of DefenAge's Medical Advisory Board.

DefenAge has completed 14 clinical studies to establish the safety and efficacy of their products. The most comprehensive and largest clinical study of defensins is a multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The study showed that the defensin-based skincare regimen globally improved the appearance and structure of aging skin without irritation, dryness, or inflammation, and without evidence of increase of a marker of carcinogenic stimulation. "Defensins are a new paradigm in skin care, harnessing the body's own hidden regenerative powers. The new epidermis is statistically significantly brighter, with less visible superficial and deep wrinkles and vastly reduced appearance of pores. The double-blind study conclusively showed a statistically significant improvement in the global appearance of skin by biopsy, clinical and objective measures," commented dermatologist Amy Forman Taub, MD, principal investigator of the multi-center, double-blind clinical trial. The study is published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (2018;17(4):426-441).

"With the grant of this patent, DefenAge's proprietary technology became fully protected in Europe from all angles. The use of defensins for anti-aging purposes is protected by a newly issued patent, and 'know-how' protects the specific concentration of defensins, the way of their stabilization and formulation. DefenAge became an exclusive holder of a unique and remarkably powerful skin rejuvenation technology," commented Nikolay Turovets, DefenAge's CEO.

About DefenAge

DefenAge(®) Skincare is a technology-driven, evidence-based skincare line distributed in the USA. The international distribution, including distribution in Europe, is under consideration. The key ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins(®), uses a stand-alone, natural target-specific mechanism of action for skin rejuvenation. The technology is patent-protected in Europe, patent-pending in the USA, and exclusively available in DefenAge. DefenAge products do not belong to the growth factor category. The Clinical Power Trio is clinical study proven, DefenAge's core skin care regimen that addresses visible signs of skin exhaustion and aging on a global scale. DefenAge's clinical performance and safety is backed up by 14 clinical studies. DefenAge's efficacy is documented in peer reviewed prestigious medical journals and has captured intense physician interest when presented by academic physicians and displayed at aesthetic medical conventions. DefenAge products do not contain animal- or human- originated ingredients, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, sulfates, mineral oils, colorants, phthalates or BPA and are not tested on animals.

DefenAge(®) is a brand of Progenitor Biologics. Progenitor Biologics(®), LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediCell Technologies, LLC. The patent's proprietor is MediCell Technologies, LLC.

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