Sensory Cloud Launches Fend, A Calcium-Fortified Hygiene Proven To Reduce Airborne Respiratory Droplets Not Captured By Surgical Masks

Published scientific studies of FEND show a 99% reduction of aerosols for up to 6 hours

BOSTON, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensory Cloud, a Boston-based health technology start-up, today announced it will make FEND widely available at []. A new cleansing system, FEND reduces aerosols from the airways, including the submicron droplets that are not captured by masks and pose a particular threat to lingering airborne contaminants in indoor environments.

Available to ship beginning Tuesday, October 20, FEND is a new nasal saline solution, comprised of natural physiological salts, which healthcare workers, and anyone at risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure, can use for airway nasal cleansing by deep nasal inhalation of a salty mist, generated by a hand-held Mister device. The FEND system cleans the air passages of the droplets of airway lining fluid we generate naturally as we breathe. These particles can move deeper into the lungs, where health complications can arise, and out into the external environment, where they do not settle by gravity because they are so small and can accumulate within indoor environments, posing lingering contamination infection risks. The product is safe, portable and drug-free.

Described in a series of scientific publications from the appearance of SARS-1 through the global pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 (PNAS 2004 [], JCIS 2007 [], QRB Discovery 2020 [], Molecular Frontiers 2020 []), FEND reduces respiratory droplets from the airways by placing calcium-rich saline on the surface of mucus, which otherwise tends to lose strength and breakup in the presence of infection. FEND notably lowers exhaled aerosol particle numbers -- crucially in the airways of those who generate the greatest numbers of respiratory droplets -- by up to 99% for up to 6 hours, recent science publications have shown, with an overall 75% reduction of exhaled particles at 30 minutes post-administration.

"Individuals and companies around the country are looking for every way to keep the virus out of people's airways and FEND presents a safe and effective addition to their hygienic protocol," said Sensory Cloud founder, aerosol scientist and former Harvard University professor David Edwards. "We have seen orders come in from families, frontline healthcare personnel, essential workers, students and others who want to address the small airborne particles left by the other hygienic measures, including masks."

FEND was recently tested by the film company Swoon New York over four days of a music video shoot in Los Angeles, produced by Say Whisky, to enhance their existing safety protocol, complementing CDC and industry best practices to prevent the transmission of illness on set. A hygiene manager on-set administered FEND at regular intervals (approximately every 4 hours) throughout each day, and quantitatively assessed the reduction of exhaled aerosols for each individual following FEND administration.

"As a commercial and music video director I've struggled with the idea of putting our crews, talent without masks and myself at risk of severe illness or death so we can create content for people at home," said Ramón J. Goñi, film director and head of creative at Swoon New York. "My hope is that our current safety protocol, including FEND as an additional layer of protection, will serve as an example for our industry partners. It was low cost and easy to use and could be a great addition for our industry peers, including Hollywood studios, smaller advertising agencies and production companies that are struggling logistically and financially to get people back to work."

Critical to its hygienic efficacy is the nature of the misty cloud produced by the device which creates FEND droplets. These droplets, approximately 10 microns in size are too large to penetrate the lungs, but permit the physiological salts to effectively deposit in the nose, trachea and main bronchi where many respiratory droplets are generated.

FEND Starter Kits, including a reusable Mister device and 2 FEND bottles of solution (1/2 ounce each), will retail at $49, while individual FEND bottle refills will retail at $7.50. Each FEND bottle supplies approximately 125 airway cleanings.

About Sensory Cloud

Sensory Cloud is a Boston-based technology startup company that designs solutions to problems of human wellbeing and healthcare through pioneering discoveries at the frontiers of olfaction and respiratory biology. Sensory Cloud is developing a proprietary line of consumer products based on its proprietary olfaction and calcium-salt platforms for human health and wellbeing. The Company is launching its new hygienic product FEND ( this October 2020.


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