Moroccan Government Official Website( -- King Mohammed VI Urges Parliament: Our Country Needs a New Model of Development

MILAN, October 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, made this statement a few days ago, in Parliament in Rabat for the inauguration of the new legislative year:  Morocco needs "a new model of development," because the current one is "unfit to meet" the needs of our people, and the authorities must act accordingly.

"Morocco has made big progress, which has been globally acknowledged all around the world," the King said. "Nevertheless, the national development model is nowadays unable to meet the expectations and the growing needs of citizens, to reduce disparities by category and territorial differences and to achieve social justice." He then "urged the Government, Parliament and all of the Institutions and Instances involved, each one in his area of responsibility, to rethink our model of development to reconcile it with the deep evolution that is going on in the Country." Mohammed VI underlined that Moroccan people "need fair and efficient justice, high levels of education, good quality health services, and a public administration unrelated to any connection."

The King stressed the need for "the effective implementation of all the development projects planned and ready to start and, at the same time, search for effective and achievable solutions to the real problems of the citizens -- to give the right answers to their reasonable questions and legitimate expectations." This can be read in the release published on the Government's official website . The King continued, "In parallel, it is important to strictly and continuously follow the development of social and welfare programs, and to check all the works in progress with regular and complete evaluations".

According to the King, the progress that Morocco achieved has not "involved all of the citizens," especially "the youth, that represent more than one third of the population and are suffering from social exclusion and unemployment.  The youth population are a new key player, which have a significant influence on the national stage" the King argued, "and these problems are inseparable from those of growth, investment and employment."

"Nowadays," the King added, "Moroccans need balanced and fair development, assuring the dignity of everybody, employment and welfare. This will benefit young people. They need a development, which will help to establish a climate of peace and stability, encouraging successful inclusion in social, professional and family life."

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