VAPORESSO released COREX as its latest core technology

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, VAPORESSO releases its latest core technology----COREX, designed for the refillable devices, aiming to bring a vaping experience they've never had before. []

In the past few years, VAPORESSO has noticed a vast demand for refillable heating technology in the market. Smokers who try to use e-cigarettes as an alternative to old habits are seeking for a sensation that feels more familiar. According to general feedback from users, they are looking for a stronger nicotine satisfaction, a better flavor experience and a device that lasts.

From this, VAPORESSO has dedicated 4 years to create a breakthrough technology that we think is the answer to all these problems. After comprehensive researching, testing, and optimizing on prototypes, VAPORESSO finally brings its new core technology to public eye - COREX.

COREX is designed explicitly for refillable devices, bringing the cellular ceramic core technology to the next level.


One of the main highlights of COREX, is its ability to produce more than 67% more nicotine delivery than your standard coils. Due to its optimal distribution and dimension of pores, along with the embedded mesh heating element, it can fully vaporize the liquid, therefore bringing the most out of it.


The evenly distributed and proportioned microporous inlet holes to allow heat and juice to flow throughout easily and quickly. Plus, by embedding mesh heating element into the cellular ceramic material, it gets more contact area from all sides of the coil -- that's why COREX produces smoother clouds and restoring the flavors from different e-juice entirely.

Also, from the first puff, COREX can reach the perfect atomizing temperature within 0.02s, which means the users don't need to wait for warm-up.


Not just a one hit wonder, COREX has the capability to last it longer. After the first puff of ideal experience, each puff from the second to the last can keep providing you the same feeling throughout.

What's more, COREX itself has better durability than other coils. Having less than 1/5 of the thermal conductivity of aluminum oxide ceramics, mixed with the unique, optimized cellular ceramic makes COREX one of the longest-lasting coils to market.

With its nicotine delivery, outstanding flavor, and durability, COREX will be the ideal choice for future core technologies applied in refillable devices.

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