Huawei Announces Its New "Four-Engines" Brand Strategy, Leading Intelligent IP Networks

SHENZHEN, China, April 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2019, Huawei announced its new brand strategy for IP networking and unveiled four new engine series products for the IP network in the intelligence era. These announcements signify Huawei's relentless efforts to build ubiquitous connectivity, release 100 percent AI computing power by using an ultra-broadband lossless network, and help users march rapidly into a fully connected, intelligent world.

With the advent of 5G, cloud, and AI, hundreds of billions of production and office terminals will collaborate and unite with each other, 100 percent of enterprise services will migrate to the cloud and, with AI adoption expected to reach an estimated 86 percent by 2025, there will be many potential security issues to be addressed. All these trends are posing greater challenges for digital transformation of enterprises. The network is the basis of enterprises' digital transformation, but needs to overcome some core challenges, such as how to carry and flexibly deploy enterprise services, how to ensure uncompromised experience for migrating these services to the cloud, and how to ensure ICT security. Huawei believes that the future network must be simple and AI-capable, so that it can proactive detect service changes and predict network risks in time. These expectations will drive enterprise ICT infrastructure transformation, helping enterprises reshape business models and continually improve the customer experience for optimal outcomes in the future.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, said: "Huawei has more than 20 years of expertise in the IP field. We are committed to building differentiated innovative products and continuously applying digital technologies, such as 5G, cloud computing, and AI to IP networks. We believe that the intelligent IP networks built with the four engine series products can continuously empower users with business intelligence."

Huawei's four new engine series products for the IP network are AirEngine, CloudEngine, NetEngine, and HiSecEngine.

-- AirEngine: Huawei first Wi-Fi 6 commercial product builds on 5G
strengths of Huawei. It has passed the highest performance verification
of the Tolly Group, an international authoritative test organization.
Huawei 5G smart antenna and intelligent application acceleration
technologies increase the Wi-Fi coverage area by 50 percent, shorten the
Wi-Fi network latency to 10 milliseconds, and achieve an optimal mobile
-- CloudEngine: Huawei's embedded AI chip and unique AI algorithm enable
zero packet loss and the fastest forwarding performance in the industry,
successfully leading data center networks into the AI era. Huawei campus
switches stand out with the highest forwarding performance, and they
build on AI-powered application identification and dynamic network
algorithms to build a packet loss-free, high-quality campus network. The
distributed AI O&M architecture can reduce fault identification from
minutes to seconds, shorten automatic fault location from hours to
minutes, and reduce OPEX by 40 percent.
-- NetEngine: Huawei NetEngine intelligent metro routers have the largest
capacity in industry, are SRv6 ready, and offer full-lifecycle
intelligent automation. With NetEngine, one network can carry B2B, B2C,
and B2H services. It provides intelligent connections and
application-level SLA assurance for many vertical industry applications,
building a solid digital foundation for the 5G era. Huawei
next-generation NetEngine AR6000 series SD-WAN routers use a brand-new
architecture and are designed with rich hardware acceleration engines
and unique Ultra-Fast forwarding algorithms, improving SD-WAN
performance to three times the industry average. All these merits make
them ideal WAN edge routers with the fastest speeds and optimal
-- HiSecEngine: Based on core concepts of Huawei's HiSec security solution,
this high-performance network security engine accurately identifies
unknown threats to ensure always-on core services. It provides an
intelligent defense system to protect the fully connected, digital
At the Summit, China CITIC Bank shared innovative practices on how to build their intelligent data center network with Huawei CloudFabric Solution. China CITIC Bank successfully reinvents their IT and data center network systems, paving the way for fast FinTech innovation and intelligent operations. CloudFabric assists the Bank with one-click disaster recovery switchover and fast completion of the network configuration in minutes. With an AI-based intelligent O&M platform, the solution ensures 99.999 percent service continuity and security of financial transaction systems.

Guo Xiaodong, Director of Guarantee Department of Qingdao Campus, Shandong University, introduced the joint innovation project between Huawei and Shandong University on campus network practices. Huawei's all-scenario Wi-Fi is deployed in multiple campuses, such as the central campus of Jinan. The network intelligent analyzer CampusInsight is also used to improve the campus teaching experience. CampusInsight monitors the user experience in real time to ensure zero authentication failure and zero network faults. This technology allowed the 8,000 people at the 2018 graduation ceremony, held at stadium in Shandong University, to simultaneously have wireless access.

In the data communication field, Huawei will continue to build more intelligent connections, bringing digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. Meanwhile, Huawei will collaborate with more enterprise customers in network innovation design and in-depth service practices. We believe that Huawei Intent-Driven Network (IDN) will help more enterprises succeed in digital transformation for the AI and cloud era in the future.

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