The World Premiere of the new Magnetic Particle Homo-heating Product

HEFEI, China, Oct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 18, 2018, China Tobacco Anhui Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of China National Tobacco Corporation, held the launching ceremony of the new "Toop" model of tobacco in Hefei, Anhui Province, which attracted widespread attention from both domestic and international media.

He Qing, the spokesman of China Tobacco Anhui Industry Corporation's "Toop-zero" technical team, introduced the design ideas, technical features and consumption feelings of the new magnetic particle homo-heating (MaPH) products. []

MaPH technology utilizes the principle of magnetic induction alternating current variable frequency to generate thermal energy by inducing particle collision, which is delivered in a non-contact manner. The energy delivery is characterized by uniformity and stability. Therefore, the uniform distribution of heated body can lead to adjustable and controllable energy transfer, ensuring steady-state heating in a specific temperature range, and uniform and orderly release of the effective materials. []

In the portable and rechargeable miniature electromagnetic energy transmitter, the exquisite but simple heating chamber design enables heated body perfectly contact with the chamber. The integrated design of MaPH technology brings about a new consumption experience of "Toop-zero" tobacco. While the pure smoke taste of natural tobacco is retained, the releases of tar and other substances are reduced. []

During the sixty-year history of the Huangshan brand, the technology research and development has been changed from following up to rebirth. Our staff of Huangshan have always been adhering to the spirit of "Climber", searching for higher standards tirelessly. The technological accumulation of several generations and the continuous breakthrough of core technology have ushered in the innovative "Toop-zero" product and finally created a new product of MaPH technology, which has become a new model of consumption experience. []

According to the technology spokesman He Qing, 2018 is the first year of a new model of tobacco consumption and "Toop-zero" is a new starting point representing a new experience of tobacco consumption. It is reported that China Tobacco Anhui Industry Corporation has completed the systematic preparation of mass production for products of MaPH technology. The first-generation product "Toop" is expected to be officially launched in 2019.

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