Japan, EU Sign Landmark Free Trade Deal in Stand Against Trade Protectionism Reports Shinsei Corporate Management

TOKYO, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

In a momentous development, Japan and EU leaders sign a landmark free trade deal between the two regions, covering nearly a third of the world's GDP, the largest such deal entered into by the EU. Coming in the wake of the swelling trade disputes between the US and its various trade partners, this ceremonious deal will facilitate the creation of one of the largest liberalised trade zones in the world reports Shinsei Corporate Management [https://www.shinseisecurities.com ].

The Japan-EU deal eliminates almost all bilateral tariffs, which is certain to create a more conducive business environment for Japanese automobiles sold in the EU as well as European wine and dairy products sold in Japan. Pending ratification from the EU parliament and Japanese lawmakers, the deal is set to come into force from 2019.

The recent move by Washington to impose 10% tariffs on aluminium imports and 25% on steel imports left both EU and Japan with a sore thumb. The EU, in turn, hit back by imposing tariffs on American goods such as bourbon whiskey and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Japan meanwhile, in retaliation, approached the WTO to reserve its right to tread a similar path against the US, an atypical act of defence from Japan towards one of its closest associates noted Shinsei Corporate Management [https://www.shinseisecurities.com ].

Japan, under the leadership of Mr Abe, has recently made its foray into the free trade club. In an attempt to compel local companies to get on the global pedestal and venture into new overseas markets, Japan has adopted an inclusive strategy, allowing imports from foreign nations.

"The EU and Japan have agreed on a 2019 deadline for the deal to come into force after gaining approval from the respective governments," said Jack Hunter, Senior Partner at Shinsei Corporate Management [https://www.shinseisecurities.com ]. 

Trade between Japan and the EU in exports and imports amounted to EUR125 billion ($146.4 billion) in 2016. This free-trade deal holds potential to eliminate an annual EUR1 billion of customs duties, analysts at Shinsei Corporate Management [https://www.shinseisecurities.com ] stated on Thursday.

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