The Research of Educational Programs by BE OPEN Foundation Reviewed By Design and Architecture Professionals From All Over the World

LONDON, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The Ranking of Educational Programs dealing with Architecture and Design project was launched in 2013 and has already observed 440 educational design programs in North America Africa, South America and Asia.

Yelena Baturina, businesswoman, philanthropist and founder of BE OPEN said: "Rolling the project out in the upcoming years we hope to be able to produce the global Ranking System of educational programs dealing with architecture and design, identify the diversity, underline the strongest points and provide the universal and objective picture of the creative education in the world."

BE OPEN's approach consists in analyzing educational courses themselves, not the material base of the schools. The results provided by the new approach has been found most valuable for the benefit of all the parties involved, which is proved by the fact that the Ranking system has been highly appraised by professors and employers from all over the world as valuable, timely and important:

"...I welcome any project that gives young people access to valuable information. I think it is a very good idea to equip soon-to-be-students with a proper guide to arts and design related education. BE OPEN's ranking is not overloaded with details, still provides enough initial data to select a shortlist of schools, and then choose the one best fitting one's needs and resources..."

Jean-Louis TRUEL, Associate Professor at Universite Paris-Est Creteil,

Founder and managing director of International Business Development (IBD), France

"The ranking provides valuable data for employers as it reveals the ways schools approach arts, design and technology education. We attribute more value to practical training, experience in the field. When searching for new team members, we want to be sure that they have acquired some useful skills and are not proficient in theory only."

Jeffrey MA, Development Director,

Shanghai Union Technology Corporation, China

"Very useful rating system for people and companies needing a base knowledge of their future employee educational background. Easy to navigate, informative, practice-oriented..." 

Dr Elvira BOLAT, Programme Leader, Global Engagement Lead,

Senior Lecturer in Marketing Bournemouth University, UK

BE OPEN is a cultural and social initiative supported by the Russian philanthropist, businesswoman and entrepreneur Yelena Baturina. BE OPEN has been set up to harness creative brain power through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master classes and cultural events.

CONTACT: BE OPEN Communications & Press office Lilia Valieva T.: 007 495 937 2362

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