International Interior Designer Nikki Bisiker Joins Forces With International Graphologist to Reveal Lifestyle Preferences

Handwriting predicts homes design

LONDON, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Award winning international interior designer, Nikki Bisiker, has joined forces with Emma Bache, a leading professional graphologist (hand-writing analyst) who recently published her book 'Reading Between the Lines'. Together they are to develop a fun yet revealing way to help clients understand their personality and therefore shed insight on their home lifestyle and design preferences. []

A person's handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint and is ultimately controlled by the brain. Each time we write we are capturing a projection of our typical behaviours, emotions, habits and health. This age-old science will help reveal personality traits that are important to understand when designing personal living spaces.

Says Bisiker, "My ethos is to create homes that are personal and unique to the owner. Every client comes with their own practical and creative wishes so my personal style doesn't really enter into the designs. It's important to understand a client's lifestyle, likes, dislikes and emotional needs. Although I am creating an interesting backdrop as the base to their canvas, it is the client's personality that must find its expression and joy in the finished home."

Says Bache, "Our handwriting exposes how we interact with the world and the people around us, and also how we cope with stress and express emotions. It can help us make choices for our future, showing us what our desires are, and even what jobs, homes and partners may suit us best. This new collaboration will appeal to those who want to better understand themselves and how to best design the dream home in which to live."

Easy to manage, all Bisiker and Bache require is approximately four lines of handwriting - either a scan, photograph or hardcopy, ideally signed as well. And since Nikki's clients are located internationally this service is both easy to access as well as fun and enlightening. To request this service as part of an interior design project please email Nikki Bisiker at: []. As this is a bespoke service, costs are quoted based on how detailed the handwriting analysis will be.

Editors Notes:

About Nikki Bisiker: The Head Designer and owner of Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, established in 2004. Nikki's award-winning practice is head-quartered in Dubai and provides design services from conception to installation for clients based in the Middle East and around the world. Nikki's passion for creating beautiful homes began at a young age and now, with over 30 years' experience, she heads a professional roster of architects, interior designers and an extended network of highly skilled craftsmen, suppliers and contractors. Her ethos is to create homes that are unique and personal to their owners. Definitely not formula or ego driven, but with a wealth of strategic thought processes within a structural framework, and a focus on creative, yet habitable style statements. Winner of many awards (Arabian Property Award 2016-17, Design et al Design & Architecture Awards 2015 and shortlisted for Designer of the Decade Award in UK ) she has designed a wide range of interiors from royal palaces, luxury homes and yachts to hotels and restaurants. []

About Emma Bache: The UK's leading handwriting expert, Emma has worked as a graphologist since 1989, analysing handwriting in both the Corporate and private sectors. With additional qualifications in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, Emma has helped to solve cases of fraud for both private individuals and the corporate world, giving a valuable insight into the criminal mind. She has had her own columns in The Times and the Financial Times and has written for other major publications such as the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and Cosmopolitan. She has made frequent TV and Radio appearances, including GMTV's This Morning, BBC's History Hunter and Radio 4's Today Programme. []

About Graphology: Graphology (the science of handwriting analysis) has been practiced for over two thousand years. Today it is used by companies and individuals looking to discover personality traits. It offers a forensic summary of personality. Every aspect of writing - the height of an 'h', the curliness of a 'g', the spacing of the words, slant of the lines - is a collection of signals that we are giving out without meaning to. The way we write can tell us a huge amount; sometimes more than the things we write about. It can divulge personality traits from timidity to ambition, from desire to please - to need to control. In fact, so revealing is your writing that in Japan all CVs are still written by hand.

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