JNC becomes first Chinese baijiu maker to display at UN headquarters

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese distilled liquor (also known as baijiu) remains virtually unknown outside China, but one Chinese liquor manufacturer sought to close the culture gap by joining an exhibition and gala event at United Nations headquarters.

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The Chinese Arts Gala was held at the UN headquarters in New York on December 11, 2017, with the aim of sharing the beauty of Chinese culture with the world. The event was an endeavor in telling China's story through Peking Opera and tai chi performances alongside calligraphy displays as well as other unique elements of Chinese culture, among them, the country's ceramic artworks and its distinct variety of distilled liquor. Jiannanchun Group Co., Ltd. (JNC), one of three leading baijiu makers in China, signed on as a strategic partner and the exclusive baijiu sponsor of the event to promote Chinese baijiu culture, making the alcoholic beverage the first Chinese distilled liquor to be displayed at UN headquarters.

Culture is an integral part of a country. A country will find it very difficult in dealing with challenges that arise as a result of cultural and culturally-related conflicts as long as it has not discovered and developed the benefits that are inherent in its own culture and found a place for its culture as a part of its economic and social development as well as its international influence amid increasingly fierce global competition. The fact that a country is required to strategically enhance its soft power in terms of culture is closely tied to the significance of holding the Chinese Arts Gala, and JNC was a strong contributor to the event.

JNC, acting as the strategic partner, played a significant role in both hosting the event and in the promotion of Chinese culture. The distiller pulled out all the stops to comprehensively promote Chinese culture by displaying culturally rich JNC products as a way of intuitively presenting Chinese baijiu culture, in addition to setting up large LED screens that used multimedia to tell the JNC story and the history of baijiu. In addition, a variety of unique cocktails made with JNC products were proffered to guests at a special counter that was set up for the occasion. After tasting the concoctions, several guests commented: "It left a deep impression on me." "It has a pleasant and soothing taste." "The taste... it's quite cool." JNC's attendance at the event went a long way in breaking the ice between the Chinese and the other attendees from many nations around the world, serving as a "friendship bridge", as many experienced the distinct taste of baijiu for the first time.

JNC has been working to enhance its international presence for years. One of the unique approaches that the distiller chose was to display its Lunar New Year message on one of the large billboards overlooking New York's Times Square earlier this year. JNC became the recipient of two international awards at TUTTOFOOD, an international food and beverage show open exclusively to the trade held in May. In August, JNC partnered with Caixin Media in launching the Jiannanchun Belt and Road Index, an indicator of the level of influence of the Chinese government's One Belt, One Road initiative, as part of the distiller's efforts in accelerating international expansion. All the international events have helped the Chinese baijiu maker establish strong brand awareness worldwide.

The key to succeeding in the competition among rivals, which is similar to that between countries, depends on production competence and brand culture. A strong cultural foundation opens the door to more opportunities where a company can succeed. JNC, with a strong cultural background, has mastered how to leverage the salient features of Chinese culture to promote Chinese baijiu on the global stage via branding events. JNC's proactive efforts in promoting Chinese culture also serve as a vehicle for an introduction to JNC's own culture, Chinese baijiu and Chinese traditional culture at UN headquarters and as a way of correcting many of the misunderstandings that Westerners have about baijiu. The Chinese alcoholic beverages maker's mission is to have the world discover the charm of Chinese baijiu and establish a strong cultural basis for JNC with the aim of further paving the road for the firm's global expansion.

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