Christie's Education Launches Online Courses

SHANGHAI, September 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

New Learning Platform Launches in October 

Available in English, Arabic and Mandarin 

Immerse yourself in the art world, wherever you are. 

This October Christie's Education [ ] will launch new Online Courses, that will make the study of art history and the art market more accessible to students around the world. The digital platform will become Christie's Education's third pillar of learning, joining the Continuing Education programmes and Master's degrees as routes to gain deeper understanding of the art world, whether to further careers, enhance knowledge, or explore passions.

"We are pleased to launch our new online course to a global audience," said Guillaume Cerutti, Chief Executive Officer, Christie's.  "As the appreciation and appetite for art has grown around the world, there has been increasing interest and demand for understanding the industry and cultural context for collecting. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, Christie's Education is an important part of our operations and this new, digital course will complement our existing, international programs. It is significant we are launching this during our events in Shanghai and recognizes that education is a vibrant part of our programs in the region."

Online learning programmes will be available from within a dedicated web-based platform, providing weekly lectures enhanced with immersive video content with behind-the-scenes insight into the world's leading auction house, and online classroom interaction with tutors.

The first online course will be 'Inside the Global Art World' [ ], available in English [ ], Mandarin [ ], and shortly thereafter in Arabic [ ] The five-week online course will start on 16 October 2017 and will aim to:

- give an in-depth understanding of the global art world
- help to identify the various players with an understanding of their individual roles
and their interactions with one another: artists, private dealers, galleries,
collectors, auction houses, art fairs, biennials, and museums
- give an understanding of the various types of collectors participating in the art

Additional courses on topics from art business to art appreciation will come online across 2018 and 2019.

Upcoming Courses and Events at Christie's Education

19 September-15 May 2018: The Art Business Certificate
[ ]
20 September-27 June 2018: The London Art Course: Modern & Contemporary
[ ]
21 September 2017: Breakfast at Christie's - The Life of Style Icon Audrey Hepburn
[ ]
25 September 2017-11 June 2018: The London Art Circle: Neoclassicism to Contemporary
ry-art.aspx ]
25-30 September 2017: Mapping a Career in the Art World
25 September 2017-11 June 2018: The London Art Circle-Renaissance to Romanticism
[ ]
2 October 2017: Italian Art and its Markets: Developments and Challenges (Free Event)
q=&c=&ch ]
3 October-28 November 2017: The Subject in the Frame
[ ]
4 October-29 November 2017: The Making of a Masterpiece
[ ]
5 October-9 November 2017: How to Buy and Sell at Auction
[ ]

11 October 2017: Christie's Education begins year long programme with Harris Academy
4-8 December 2017: Art Business Winter School
[ ]

11-13 October 2017: Mapping a Career in the Art World

Hong Kong
12 October-23 November 2017: Crossroads: Chinese Contemporary Art
[ ]
23-24 November 2017: Fundamentals of Western Art, Part III: European Art before World
War II (Mandarin)
[ ]
25-26 November 2017: Fundamentals of Western Art, Part III: European Art before World
War II (English)
[ ]

New York
19 October 2017: Social Media, Marketing and the Contemporary Art World
-art-world.aspx ]
9 November 2017: From Hermès to Chanel-A Guide to Iconic Handbags
ide%20to%20Iconic%20Handbags.aspx ]
10 November 2017: The Art of Fashion
[ ]
November 2017: Post-War and Contemporary Art on Top-The Artists and Art Works in the
Christie's Evening Sales
[ ]
4 December 2017: Hidden Gems-Jewelry Behind the Scenes
enes%202017.aspx ]
December 2017: From Rolex to Patek Philippe: A Guide to Iconic Watches
Guide%20to%20Iconic%20Watches.aspx ]


About Christie's Education 

Christie's Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of the world's leading art business, Christie's. It is an international postgraduate institution devoted to preparing graduates for entry into the art world through the advanced study of art business, art world practice and the acquisition of connoisseurship skills. By offering Master's degrees in London and New York, we immerse students in all areas of the art world, focusing on business analysis, object-based study, history of art, art market studies, supported by rigorous professional development courses. All Master's degrees have an integrated work placement at Christie's auction house as an accredited part of these programmes.

Christie's Education online courses provide a fully immersive experience of the art world. Christie's Education also offers also offer a vast range of continuing education opportunities in London, New York and Hong Kong, designed to introduce enthusiasts to the fundamentals of art and the art market.

Christie's Education - Training the Next Generation of Art World Professionals 

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