Reducing the Risk of Transmission of COVID-19 and Other Diseases Using a New Device That Attacks Pathogens in the Air and On Surfaces

LONDON, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PA Consulting [] and Hydroxyl Technologies Ltd [] seek commercial partners to rapidly manufacture a powerful device that uses hydroxyl radicals to neutralise coronaviruses and other pathogens in indoor spaces, protecting people as they go about their daily lives.

PA Consulting, the global innovation and transformation consultancy, and Hydroxyl Technologies Ltd (HTL) have partnered to develop Airora Professional, a patented decontamination technology based on hydroxyl radicals that actively combats airborne and surface virus and bacterial infections, including Coronaviruses, Influenza, Norovirus, e-Coli and MRSA.

The technology uses hydroxyl radicals, often called 'nature's detergent', which occur naturally in the open air but are absent indoors. These hydroxyls rapidly react with viruses and bacteria, destroying their cell walls and genetic material to neutralise them, without harming humans and animals.

Airora Professional uses a patented process that is unique in air decontamination. Unlike filter-based systems, which can only clean the air that passes through them, Airora creates a continual supply of hydroxyls, which sanitise the air and surfaces within an entire room 24/7. The hydroxyls neutralise all types of virus and bacteria, significantly reducing the risk of both air and surface borne infections.

PA and HTL's vision is that with the right partners, within a few months they could launch a scaled solution applicable to many areas like hospitals, care homes, other medical care and veterinary facilities, business offices, schools & universities, restaurants & bars, public transport and private homes. The technology could play an important role in reducing danger from airborne and surface-adhering viruses and bacteria in these areas - both during the current pandemic and for any potential future outbreaks.

HTL's Airora technology has been extensively tested by numerous accredited laboratories around the world, including the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) at Porton Down. The HPA tested the technology on a tough-to-kill laboratory virus used by microbiologists as a testing model. The technology has been proven effective at killing up to 99.9999% of highly concentrated aerosolised virus. Scientific research is published here [].

The device can be wall, ceiling or desk-top mounted in any indoor environment and works 24/7 to suppress pathogens, allowing normal life to continue without disruption.

Hydroxyl Technologies has been developing the technology for over 15 years and proven it through a number of working models, but it is amid the current pandemic that its potential is being realised.

PA is a specialist in innovation and rapid product development. The PA team is currently finishing the final production design.

With a history of bringing ingenuity to life since 1943, PA has developed numerous innovations over the years, including the invention of new pulmonary drug delivery devices, a self-monitoring device for blood glucose measurement, and an award-winning remote control IED detector. PA is currently helping coordinate the UK Government's call for manufacturers to rapidly build and dispatch life-saving ventilators for the NHS.

Lorraine Baldry, Co-Founder and Chair of HTL, said: "PA is an expert in combining ingenious innovation with rapid product development. To support our fight against COVID-19 and protect lives, we have a mutual goal of getting this technology into the world as soon as possible."

Wil Schoenmakers, head of PA Consulting's global consumer and manufacturing practice, said, "HTL has unrivalled expertise in hydroxyl radical solutions. Their patented technology is several orders of magnitude more effective than other decontamination solutions in indoor environments, and it works without people having to vacate the space. This technology can help people be and feel safer indoors."

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About HTL

Hydroxyl Technologies, Ltd was born from the technological development previously achieved by Tri-Air Developments Ltd.

Safely and efficiently creating airborne hydroxyl radicals is at the core of what we do. Our breakthrough technologies focus on some of the biggest environmental challenges we face, including clearing contamination from the air and exposed surfaces inside buildings, ensuring sterile medical facilities and reducing pollution from all hydrocarbon burning devices, including vehicles.

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