Master Kong noodles make debut on Swiss train of Red Arrow Churchill

The Master Kong joined hands with the European Railways and the Swiss Federal Railways to launch the first "The Master Kong Noodles House chez The Red Arrow Churchill" on the Swiss train of Red Arrow "Churchill" on December 14.

BERN, Switzerland, Dec. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Master Kong, a popular instant noodle maker that was recently recognized among the top food brands in the China Brand Power Index for 2018, joined hands with the European Railways and the Swiss Federal Railways to launch the first "The Master Kong Noodles House chez The Red Arrow Churchill" on the Swiss train of Red Arrow "Churchill" on December 14. []

The Red Arrow "Churchill", known as the most beautiful train in Switzerland, owes its nickname to the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who traveled across Switzerland on this train during his visit in 1946.

On the day of the event, representatives from Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) made remarks at Lucerne station to welcome the travelers aboard the train.

As the train traveled through the picturesque scenery of Switzerland, The Master Kong Noodles House chez The Red Arrow Churchill quenched customers' appetites by serving the 'Master Kong Commended Taste' series of noodles coupled with local Swiss cuisines as side dishes in a genuine, decent Western style. Such special setup and the incomparable mixture of the courses contributed to a unique dining experience.

In the past ten years, China's domestic consumption has been in transition with the growing purchasing power of consumers. The consumption contributed 78 percent to China's economic growth in the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 14 percent year on year. Chinese consumers now prefer products with higher-quality, more pleasant experience and better ways of expressing their personalities.

Under such circumstances, Master Kong developed new "Master Kong Commended Taste" series to meet different dietary habits and needs of consumers with more diversified tastes and categories. The new series of products make upgrades in raw materials sourcing, processing techniques and taste and constant improvements are seen in the high-end product matrix. New roll-outs have unanimously been well received by consumers. The influence of Master Kong as a Chinese brand is also being increasingly recognized worldwide. []

Product innovation has promoted the recovery of Master Kong's performance. According to its financial report for the first half of 2018, Master Kong saw its instant noodle revenue reach 11.134 billion yuan, up 8.4 percent year-on-year.

In addition, Master Kong has been committed to their social responsibility of promoting traditional Chinese food throughout Europe. The company has been working on the innovation and upgrade of the instant noodle industry to provide healthy and delicious products for Chinese and foreign customers. It pays homage to the variety of Chinese local cuisines and explores exotic flavors, using premium techniques and ingredients to tailor to different palates. The "Master Kong Noodles House" is a successful case of food culture exchange, a promotion of "Chinese flavor" to Europe and a marvel of the world.

While paying high attention to the product innovation and quality, Master Kong has also attached great importance to the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Upholding the operation philosophy of "obtaining from the people, using on the people and repaying the society for a sustainable operation", Master Kong has contributed an aggregated amount of 500 million yuan for social charitable work such as sponsoring education, fighting floods, relieving earthquakes, relieving poverty, supporting sports activities during past years.

Through the event, Master Kong has not only promoted the brand of the Chinese instant noodles, but also built a bridge for the European customers to know the Chinese food culture.

Undoubtedly, being natural, nutritious and healthy has become the future development trend of the instant noodle industry. Master Kong will actively embrace the consumption upgrade, adhere to innovation, and constantly develop diversified products with multiple specifications, multiple scenes and new flavors, to meet diversified demands of the customers at home and abroad.

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