NTT DATA Presents the Future of Digital Acceleration

NTT DATA launches the second season of its branded content series for NTT DATA, WAKE UP. The series focuses on the six fundamental areas of digital transformation.

MADRID, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- WAKE UP 2 [] is a series divided into six episodes plus an introduction. It is a branded content, developed by Growthland [] exclusively for NTT DATA []. Throughout the series the viewer can follow the personal and professional avatars of the charismatic protagonist, Adam, whom we already met in the first installment []. In this season, viewers witness a dramatic change in Adam's life.

Old timers will remember the Adam of the first season, a man alien to the modern world, which he entered without warning after spending ten years in a deep coma caused by mysterious reasons. On this occasion, viewers find a completely changed Adam. His innocence and curiosity, his vision and purity, have helped him to become the new CIO - Chief Innovation Officer - of a fictitious technological titan.

In a successful narrative exercise, the series is structured in six episodes. Each episode corresponds to what in the series is known as DFAs - Digital Focus Areas - that is, the six fundamental themes that, now in 2019, are causing digital acceleration and the transformation of industries. The six DFAs are: Intelligent Automation, Customer Experience, Data & Intelligence, IoT, IT Optimization and Cybersecurity. These focus areas are related to another great structural feature, the Dual Format. Each episode ends with interviews to experts of the technologies exposed in the fiction.

In each episode Adam faces a professional challenge related to each of the thematic areas. It depicts the future in which there are ordinary people with the difference that they coexist with robots and advanced artificial intelligences in an amazingly natural way. People who solve problems using technology that today can be utopian or typical of science fiction novels.

NTT DATA, in relation to a team of experts, has not made impossible guesses, nor has it bashed into a blender the most predictable topics in the industry. It has brought together its greatest specialists, both internal and from partner companies, and has asked itself with responsibility and sincerity: Where are we going? And the answer has been fascinating. See more here [].

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Growthland [] is an initiative by NTT Disruption to create captivating stories driven by exponential technologies, with best open talents, to tell the future of brands today.

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