Camelot Castle TV Network: John Mappin Offers a Meeting Location for Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

TINTAGEL, England, March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Since the President of the United States Donald Trump announced he was willing to meet the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, speculation over the best location has mounted.

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The owner of Camelot Castle TV Network, political commentator and entrepreneur John Mappin, offers his thoughts on the situation.

John Mappin suggests for the leaders to arrange a meeting in Kazakhstan, as its President Nursultan Nazarbayev is known to be a strong advocate of nuclear disarmament. In addition to that, Kazakhstan has excellent relations with both countries, as well as a strategic geographic location with Astana sitting at the epicentre of Eurasia and the CIS.

"Astana would in many ways be the perfect selection of location both due to its safety, its geographical location, its summit facilities, and, perhaps most interestingly, its President's position on nuclear weapons and disarmament," said Mr. Mappin, who became the third British subject to meet with US President Trump and the First Lady Melania.

During the initial conversations with his friends in diplomatic circles the idea was warmly welcomed by both sides: "Few people in the west know that President Nazarbayev is somewhat of a pioneer on the subject of denuclearisation. Early in his presidency in 1991 Nazarbayev removed all nuclear weapons from his nation shortly after its founding and has been a strong advocate of nuclear disarmament ever since."

Mr Mappin and his wife Irina have been fortunate to have excellent relationship with the leadership of Kazakhstan, as well as being keen supporters of Donald Trump since he announced his run for the US Presidency. 

"As media owners in the UK, internationally and in Kazakhstan, where we also own newspapers, we see this as an entirely logical solution to the problem of where to hold this historic meeting and we are delighted that the initial response has been so warm."

The entrepreneur pointed out that Astana also has the most wonderful diplomatic facilities, adding that his family helped with the city's media centre construction: "Nazarbayev's presidential palace is completely appropriate for such a meeting and the capital hosts a state of the art media centre that would rival most Hollywood studios."

"President Nazarbayev is an extremely experienced and wise leader, in fact our family owes the President a debt of honour as he once saved the life of one of our journalists who was captured in a war zone. President Nazarbayev took time to personally intervene and secured the freedom of the journalist."

President Nazarbayev met with President Trump on January 16th this year and the meeting went exceptionally well [ ] . A US president has never visited Astana to date, so his arrival there would certainly be seen as an honour and a blessing to Kazakhstan.

"Diplomatically Astana is always supportive of any peace idea that could lead to non-proliferation and global disarmament process. As a country that gave up its full nuclear potential in 1991, it is the ideal place to host such meetings," said Mr Mappin, who is currently in Florida, liaising with his US counterparts and friends.

John Mappin's BBC Radio 5 Live interview on the potential meeting between President Trump and President Kim is available here:   

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