Concierge Telemedicine System Launch into EU

VIERA, Florida, May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Concierge Telemedicine system (CTM) from Telemedicine Web Services, Inc. (TMWS) is being introduced in Europe to satisfy the need for affordable, high quality telemedicine. CTM provides an ideal solution to extend health care to work sites, nursing homes, schools and pharmacies.

The Basic CTM Exam Kit includes:

-- Web RTC based video conferencing software with bandwidth control.
-- Telemedicine software to enable the remote clinician to control the
medical devices.
-- PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscope.
-- Blood Pressure Meter. (Other optional medical devices are available.)
-- General purpose exam-camera with a Light Ring attachment to enable high
quality examinations of dermatology sites, wounds and the throat.
-- An otoscope speculum that fits into the Light Ring to create a clinical
ear, nose, throat (ENT) examination capability.
-- Ability to store and retrieve snapshots, stethoscope audio recordings
and medical device measurements.
Simplicity of operation can best be illustrated with the PCP-USB stethoscope from RNK Products Inc., which has no user controls and does not need batteries. All the patient has to do is place the chest piece as instructed by the remote clinician. This gives hospital level performance with consumer friendly operation.

The business case for CTM can be demonstrated by the new reimbursement rules for pharmacies in France. CTM is priced so that value added resellers (VAR) in France and pharmacy owners can profitably provide telemedicine to pharmacy patrons.

(For example, with reimbursement of the telemedicine equipment at 1,225 EUR, a VAR could sell CTM to a pharmacy for under 1,000 EUR, beating the competition while making a significant profit margin.)

TMWS is just starting distribution in Europe and is interested in establishing marketing partnerships, business relationships and funding relationships to capitalize on the emerging telemedicine opportunities in Europe.

About Telemedicine Web Services, Inc.:
TMWS is a technology innovator that markets its telehealth solutions through value added resellers (VAR). By providing each VAR with the flexibility to structure their own model for value-add product offerings, TMWS can fulfill the demand for consumer telemedicine at a competitive price. []

About RNK Products, Inc.:
Founded in 2003, RNK Products, Inc. specializes in electronic and telemedicine stethoscopes, under both its own label Telehealth Technologies, and under private labels used by its Value-Added Resellers. RNK offers a range of stethoscopes to fit any institutional or home telemedicine program. []


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