Ping An Good Doctor Officially Launches Private Doctor and Reaches Comprehensive Cooperation with 29 Global Industry Giants

- The signing amount of the "private doctor" exceeded 300 million yuan on the first day

SHANGHAI, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (Stock abbreviation: "Ping An Good Doctor", stock code: 01833.HK) officially launched its strategic product - Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor. On the first day, Ping An Good Doctor entered into partnership with 29 world's leading industry giants like China Mobile, BAIC Group, China CITIC Bank, Wyeth Nutrition, China Everbright Bank, Minsheng Life, Pearl River Life, PKU Founder Life, etc., with contractual amount of over RMB300 million. By working hand-in-hand with the partners for serving the middle-class and creating a greater health ecosystem, it kicked off a new era of healthcare featuring "new experience, new concept, new technology and new ecology".

First Day of Launch of Private Doctor, Creating a New Medical Era

Upon the official launch of Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor, the industrial service standard and user experience will be greatly improved, and it is expected to renovate the current mode of healthcare service, truly realize "user-oriented quality medical resources", and create an Internet-based healthcare system. It also signifies that Ping An Good Doctor has been a leader in the global Internet-based healthcare service transforming from free online service to paid membership service.

Currently, for China's medical and healthcare service, the imbalanced supply and demand has become a severe problem, and the emphasis of medical reform shall be placed on the supply side. As such, since 2016, China has issued several important policies to encourage "Internet+" application in the medical and healthcare sector. Under the background which the country continued the promotion of a healthy China, encouraged the development of the Internet-based healthcare and promoted the mode innovation of family doctor service, Ping An Good Doctor, in response to the national policies, launched the "Private Doctor" to provide the middle class with innovative Internet-based healthcare solutions.

Wang Tao, Chairman & CEO of Ping An Good Doctor, said, "Ping An Good Doctor hopes that, by 'excellent, professional, efficient, manageable and protectable' private doctor services, we can provide users with all-round and high-quality medical and healthcare services, realize the target to serve hundreds of thousands of families, and start a new era of 'Internet + healthcare' private doctor".

Ping An Good Doctor's private doctor service gained support from the doctors in 100 renowned hospitals in the country. In addition, Ping An Good Doctor has entered into deep cooperation with 800 domestic Grade III A hospitals, 1,000 renowned doctors from abroad, and the world's top 10 hospitals to ensure handy and accurate medical service to users across the globe.

Ping An Good Doctor acquired a large reserve of medical resources in the past, enabling the "private doctor" to provide users not only with such basic services as online consultation, day-to-day health management, clinical reservation, but also all-round high-quality one-stop medical and healthcare services, e.g., 24x7 all-time nursing, to-the-second doctor service response, one-hour to-the-door delivery of medicine, accompanied visit to Grade III A hospitals.

In particular, Ping An Good Doctor has cooperated with nearly 2,000 laboratories and test centers to provide each user with E-health files and year-round tailored health management service to boost one-stop service. Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor also partners with third party insurance companies to provide people who suffer from diseases with high-cost insurance economic support.

Through the innovative "Private Doctor" service mode, Ping An Good Doctor allows all-dimension interaction between doctors and users, so that the doctors can track, in the long run, the user's health status, and doctors and users become acquaintances who are closely connected with deep trust. Thanks to the brand new acquaintance, the user will be able to obtain precision, continuous and individual medical and healthcare service, breaking the "unfamiliar" relationship between doctors and patients in the traditional medical scenario.

Signing Contracts with 29 Leading Companies, Empowering Business Partners

In recent years, people's health awareness and demand for personalized, high-quality medical and health services have been increasing. With the launch of the "Private Doctor", Ping An Good Doctor has entered into partnership with 29 leading players, e.g., China Mobile, BAIC Group, China CITIC Bank, Wyeth Nutrition, China Everbright Bank, Minsheng Life, Pearl River Life, PKU Founder Life, etc. The 29 enterprises operate in such industries as banking, insurance, automobile, communications, maternity, etc. In the future, the users of these partners will be able to enjoy Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor's all-round high-quality and one-stop medical and healthcare service.

By partnering with 1-to-1 private doctors and renowned doctors from national top 100 hospitals, Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor will provide users with such all-round active medical and healthcare service as 24x7 online consultation, second-round consultation with renowned doctors, offline clinical arrangement, health management, chronic disease management, etc. Meanwhile, Ping An Good Doctor will take advantage of this vast and in-depth partnership, beyond the cooperation with third party business insurance companies and financial institutions, to make full use of this strategic new product of "Private Doctor" to expand its multiple-channel development.

Wang Tao, Chairman & CEO of Ping An Good Doctor, said, "We hope that the private doctor will realize our visions of each family having a family doctor, each person having an E-health file and each of us having a health management plan." As a matter of fact, Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor, as an innovation of China's mode of family doctor, is cultivating a doctor-patient relation on the basis of trust, expertise and long-term connection, leading the industry to an era of private doctor, and boosting the creation of China's version of medical innovation.

CONTACT: Barney Liu, Ping An Good Doctor, +86-147-1440-0858,; Amber Cheng, Wonderful Sky Financial Group Limited, +852-3641-1332,

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