ELPOZO Alimentación Rolls out the Most Ambitious Animal Welfare Protocol in Spain

MURCIA, Spain, April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

ELPOZO ALIMENTACION has launched the most ambitious 'Animal Welfare and Biosafety' protocol in Spain, a project which is in its implementation phase and which already has certification, explained Pedro Olivares, as the veterinary officer in charge at ELPOZO. This protocol is to be added to the other two already in existence on 'Food Safety' and 'Traceability', which make up the basis of ELPOZO's business.

The 'Animal Welfare and Biosafety' protocol is "very ambitious and demanding", as it covers three species, those managed by ELPOZO: pigs - both white and Iberian, cattle and birds. It must be noted that, "There is no project on a national scale which covers so many species," and as such, its demanding and new nature.

According to Olivares, the number of livestock holdings to which they will extend the certification reaches 4,500 throughout Spain. 2000 of them are approximately located in the Region of Murcia.

ELPOZO has been working on the protocol for more than one year and it involves 200 livestock providers nationally and has been getting better and better through each drafting phase, as it contains things which consumers demand.

The document's objective, with more than 300 animal welfare related aspects is, "To have more demanding animal welfare parameters than those set out by law, so that ELPOZO can lead the sector," Olivares outlined.

Nowadays, consumers are worried about animal welfare themes and demand, not only that the food be adapted to their needs, but also the care of the animals and their facilities being excellent. Meeting these demands enables us to obtain a "safer, healthier and better quality" product.

In addition to these three species which are included in the document, the ambitious thing about the project, which has been concluded after one year's work, is that "it involves all phases of the production process". There is: "More rigorous control on farms, during animal transportation and in the very processing centres, which gives a greater guarantee to the product which finally reaches the consumer."

ELPOZO's spokesperson has stressed that the protocol, "Involves the commitment of all operators who work in the production chain, from the transport operators, to the livestock breeders and the actual processing centre. The circle is closed and all those involved will follow the Animal Welfare Protocol," said Pedro Olivares.

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