Jamendo Officially Launch Activity in the US to Bring New Source of Revenue to Independent Artists

SAN FRANCISCO, September 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Jamendo, the world's leading independent music platform, is officially launching in the US. After more than 10 years active mainly in Europe, the company is setting a new course to bring its innovative vision to US artists as a new path for them to find revenue and exposure.

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Well-known artists, independent musicians, or music lovers: everyone acknowledge that there's something wrong with the copyright model [http://r.news.jamendo.com/track/click/3esud0adz8m74z7bk ]. It's not new, and it's getting worse, as once some pointed out, only 7% of the streaming revenue goes to artists [http://r.news.jamendo.com/track/click/3esud0adz9en4z7bk ], leaving labels & intermediaries sharing the lion's share in a lack of transparency.

Therefore, one might be surprised to learn that Jamendo retrocedes up to 65% to the artist. Jamendo achieves this with Jamendo Licensing, its licensing platform. Professionals looking for music for its multimedia project (ads, movies...), or for in-store music can directly buy music. Prestigious brands such as Ford, Nestlé, Sony, Huawei or Mercedes-Benz trusted Jamendo for their advertisements, and global retailers such as United Colors of Benetton, McDonald's or Swatch enhance their in-store atmosphere thanks to Jamendo.

Jamendo sold +35,000 licenses in 2016.

This revenue allows Jamendo to provide a free, transparent, and legal music platform for private use that gathered a community of 3M music lovers, 38,000 artists and more than 500,000 tracks.

"Jamendo provides a solution, not replacing the PRO but providing a choice for the artist, an alternative. And it works, Jamendo is profitable and pays artists directly," says Emmanuel Donati, General Manager of Jamendo. "In 2016, if one of the most well-known platforms would have played 1 Jamendo song every 20 songs, they could have spared tens millions of dollars in content acquisition for the year."

Some might have considered music worthless [http://r.news.jamendo.com/track/click/3esud0adza734z7bk ] but Jamendo is here to give a new revenue alternative to artists willing to move ahead:

"I placed my debut single "I Want You" on Jamendo in 2013 to increase visibility and exposure as an artist. I was very surprised to see such a strong, positive reaction to the song, and I was soon hearing from people worldwide, including brands looking to license my music."  

TAMARA LAUREL [http://r.news.jamendo.com/track/click/3esud0adzazj4z7bk ] USA / Folk, Country  +3M streams with Jamendo

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Media contact:  http://www.jamendo.com / Sebastien Collet / sebastien@jamendo.com  +352-26-53-421

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